Survey on Halloween spending and financial fears for 2020
Happy Halloween 2020

Follow the CDC's recommendations for Halloween this year

Pumpkin Carved Boy in Orange Shirt and a Big SmileIt’s a good idea to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s advice for Halloween this year. 

Among the key guidance: A Halloween mask isn’t an appropriate substitute for a protective cloth mask.

The CDC in recommending that consumers wear a protective cloth mask of at least two layers of breathable fabric – not a costume mask. Protective masks should never be worn under a costume mask because it can be hard to breathe.

If children or adults wear costumes this Halloween, be aware that costume fabrics and loose, billowy clothing, such as capes or gowns, can easily catch fire.

Never drag a costume over an open flame such as a candle burning in a jack-o’-lantern; and stay away from candles and firepits.

Whether you are staying at home or walking around the neighborhood, avoid overly long or baggy costumes. Many of last year’s estimated 2,700 Halloween-related injuries involved trips and falls, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports.

Carving pumpkins is a fun tradition, but more than 40 percent of Halloween injuries last year were related to pumpkin carving.

Kids shouldn’t carve pumpkins unsupervised; and adults, not kids, should be the ones to use – with caution – pumpkin carving tools, which often include sharp serrated blades. After they’re carved, pumpkins are best displayed with battery-operated lights, instead of candles.

Whatever your plans are for this Halloween, be sure to follow the advice of CDC and your local jurisdiction on covid-19 requirements.

For additional Halloween product safety tips, check out CPSC’s “Halloween Safety in 3 Steps.”


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