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Gameboard-Life Goes on Roadmap Financial Organizer System 0624There are many systems for organizing your papers and financial documents. I know. I bought one earlier this year for $35. It’s still sitting in my file cabinet – with nothing filled in.

The other day, I contacted Nancy Juetten, rhymes with button, a public relations specialist, about a project I needed help with.

Since I’m a consumer and personal finance journalist, Juetten told me about a program that she and her husband Steve Juetten, a certified financial planner, have developed for getting important papers and information organized to prepare for a “bump in the road.”

Steve had a stroke and Nancy’s mother, living in another state, has dementia. It prompted the Juettens to develop the Life Goes On Roadmap.

You can get the workbook or the digital version. The Juettens recommend you buy both. The digital version is included with the workbook.

Both the digital and hardcopy versions offer a Guidebook with step-by-step directions for your road trip.

The Organizer is the main part of the system. It’s a simple digital spreadsheet where you enter, save, update, and share your crucial information with the family members or others who have a need to know.

Categories include: important contacts, service providers, credit cards, bank accounts, investments, passwords, and more.

You’ll also inventory your valuables in case of damage or burglaries.

Additional entries include insurance, real estate, retirement, and military and social security documentation and information.

There’s also a section to record your wishes when it comes to critical health care and end-of-life arrangements.

The Juettens recommend the information be stored on a secure thumb drive to avoid cyber theft.

The way this system differs from others, including the one in my file cabinet drawer, is fun items are included.

There’s a game board to help you get inspired to reach your destination. It has the steps from start to finish: gathering, recording, sharing, and storing your crucial information.

The Life Goes On Roadmap also includes a prerecorded phone call with the Juettens to help you get you started and three prerecorded phone calls to keep you motivated and moving in the right direction.

You can also join a Road Trippers Facebook community for support, directions, and roadside advice.

A Road Trip playlist of songs is suggested as are dance parties to celebrate your work.

The Juettens say it takes five to eight hours to complete their Life Goes On Roadmap.

While the Roadmap has fun aspects and lots of support added, it’s also more expensive than many systems.

The price for the digital Roadmap is $97. The three-ring notebook, which also includes the digital version, is $197.

Both options are on sale through Oct. 31 indefinitely for 50 percent off. The promo code is 50%OFF.

Here’s the link to find out more about the Life Goes On Roadmap:

It’s important to get your financial records organized. Your family will know what to do if anything happens to you, and they can carry out your wishes and settle your affairs with less stress and struggles.


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