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Bloggers focusing on the holidays despite the pandemic

Turkey_dinner-smallThe pandemic is really changing things for Thanksgiving this week.

I gave up in March any idea of going to Madrid or Sacramento where my daughters live with their families for the holidays. My hope is we can visit next year.

I decided I’d order a Thanksgiving dinner for myself so I’d have more time to work on my book “Follow the Money: My Life as a Financial Journalist.” However, I didn’t start trying to find a restaurant to place an order until the Friday before Thanksgiving.

It was too late for all the restaurants I called, so I started calling grocery stores, too, who were no longer taking orders either. I was practically in tears. I’ve worked hard staying home and following the governor’s pandemic orders, so I thought I should have some reward.

Finally, I found a place that was still taking orders – Haggen grocery store. It almost didn’t work. She said they didn’t have any turkeys left. However, I don’t need a whole turkey. Turkey legs would do.

To go with the turkey, I ordered mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry stuffing, and broccoli and parmesan cheese. I can even pick up my dinner at noon on Thanksgiving Day.

My daughter is sending me two desserts that will arrive Wednesday, so I’m set for Thanksgiving Day.

Meanwhile, my blogger friends are writing about:

  • Why everyone needs to adhere to pandemic guidelines and work together so we’ll have much to give thanks for.
  • A view of past Thanksgivings through paintings, poems, and music.
  • The unique way one family celebrates Turkey Day – puns.
  • Artisan candles with healing stones and florals.
  • The decision to write an ebook for her family called “Making Christmas Memories.”
  • Social Security increases for next year offset by an increase in cost for Medicare Part B.

Carol Cassara of Heart·Mind·Soul writes about these articles for the Best of Boomer Blogs #676. Click here to get the links to the articles. And be sure to join in the conversations. Bloggers love to hear from readers.




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