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Bloggers moving beyond the election

Biden-Harris Political Buttons New Plus Old 2Like many Americans, I’ve been anxious about the 2020 election. I’m glad the votes were carefully counted and the media was patient in calling a winner.

Usually, I go to political events in my community, and I’m able to get political buttons for my collection. However, this year, there weren’t any political events so I ordered four buttons from the Biden-Harris website.

They were plain, with just Biden-Harris lettering on a white or navy blue background. See the photo, top row.

So, I decided to order a second set of nine buttons. They didn’t arrive in time for Election Day, but I did get them before Saturday, decision day.

They look O.K., but the backing is plastic not metal.

Anyway, I’m pleased that Joe Biden is the nation’s president elect. I’m working on an article on how the Trump administration is rushing to slash consumer and environmental before Trump leaves office.

Trump and his cronies have done so much damage to governmental institutions and processes. It will be good when he’s gone.

Meanwhile, bloggers in our blogging group are writing about:

  • Why a pedometer is better than Xanax.
  • Connect with the clarity that comes from maturity.
  • How con artists are tricking people who use CashApp.
  • The war isn’t over for veterans.
  • Your attitude determines your attitude.
  • A two-week quarantine after a trip to Florida.

Tom Sightings of Sightings Over Sixty writes about these articles in the Best of Boomer Blogs #674. Click here to read the articles. And be sure to leave a comment. Bloggers love to hear from readers.




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