Don't travel for Thanksgiving, officials advise, but if you're traveling anyway, here are the safest states
How did you do on Black Friday?

Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving Dinner Rita Ordered 11-26-20It’s a strange Thanksgiving this year, sitting at home by myself eating my turkey dinner rather than being in Madrid or Sacramento with one of my daughters.

However, by staying home, I’m increasing the changes that I’ll be alive next summer, when, hopefully, I can visit with my daughters and their families.

While millions of people are staying home like me, millions are not heeding the warning of public health officials to not travel. About 1 million people a day went through TSA checkpoints at American airports the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before Thanksgiving.

One survey showed more than a quarter of Americans still planned to dine with people outside their household. Another poll found 39 percent of Americans hadn't changed their travel plans.

AAA found most people were planning shorter trips in cars this year, instead of cross-country travel by train, plane, or bus. Air travel is down 47.5 percent from 2019.

I was lucky to get a Thanksgiving dinner to pick up. I started calling late, and all the restaurants were no longer taking orders. I finally found a grocery store still taking orders.

The deli clerk said she had just sold her last turkey. However, for one person, turkey legs were fine.

I’m doing a video on Instagram called the “Rita R. Robison Consumer Tip of the Day.” Here’s my video with a tip on ordering your holiday meal for pickup or delivery early.



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