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Happy Thanksgiving 2020
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How did you do on Black Friday?

Black Friday Outside Best Buy Line of People 11-28-20I wanted to do a tip on my Instagram Rita R. Robison Consumer Tip of the Day to keep shopping if you haven’t found your sought after Black Friday deal yet. Cyber Monday is coming up soon, and some store are continuing to offer deals throughout the weekend.

I was hoping to find a big sign in a store that said Black Friday to put in my video for a background. However, when I arrived at Best Buy, there was a long line of people waiting to get into the store.

Due to the pandemic, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has issued an order that retail stores can only have 25 percent of capacity due to spiking coronavirus cases.

Would you stand in line, a line that isn’t socially distanced, with a hundred other people? I wouldn’t.

However, it did made a good backdrop for my Instagram video:

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I’ve been doing a lot of comparison shopping for an iPhone 12. I haven’t been able to find a price below $799.

I’ll keep looking for a better price. I want to update my cell phone to make it easier to do videos for my Rita R. Robison Consumer Tip of the Day. In addition, I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S 5. It’s difficult to get the photos and videos off of it and into my computer.

I’m hoping if I get an iPhone, it will be easy to put my photos and videos in iCloud, which would save time and trouble.

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and that you’ll stay safe by doing as much of your holiday shopping as possible online.


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