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Bloggers write about all the surprises of the New Year

Rita and Barbara Gooding 2017 Her House 2We all had hopes for 2020 being a better year. With a new president and vaccines to knock down the pandemic, things were looking positive.

Then, last Wednesday, a group of Trump supporters stormed the national Capitol, causing lawmakers to hide or run to safety, ransacking offices, smashing windows, stealing government property, and beating police officers, killing one.

On Friday, I learned a good friend of mine, Barbara Gooding, passed away. We were friends for decades. We met in the League of Women Voters. In addition to registering voters, we worked on land use and environmental issues, including saving the Nisqually Delta.

Barbara also was a leader in the effort in Washington state to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in 1973.

After working on issues, we saw that having quality elected officials also was important. We began supporting political candidates and running for office ourselves. In 1974, our league friend Marj Yung was the first woman to be elected Thurston County Commissioner.

I ran for Olympia City Commissioner in 1977. Barbara and Marie Cameron, our good friend, were great supporters. My campaign wasn’t successful, but I learned so much, including how difficult it is to run for public office.

I’m remembering my friend Barbara by going through my photo libraries and making a file of my best photos of her and our friends. It’s helpful after her loss to remember all the great times we had.

I’ll share my photos with Barbara’s daughters.

Meanwhile, my blogger friends are writing about:

  • America the beautiful was trashed by mad minions.
  • Why the attack on the national Capitol is like a big soap opera that needs to be canceled.
  • Questions to ask yourself to get started on 2021.
  • Pandemonium at the bird feeder.
  • A new question and answer page on what a vision board is.

Carol Cassara of a Healing Spirit writes about these articles in the Best of Boomer Blogs 683. Click here to get the links to the articles. And, be sure to leave a comment. Bloggers love to hear from readers.


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