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Rechargeable fillet knives are being recalled by Rapala USA due to fire hazard
Can an executor be replaced?

How’s your stress level?

Capitol Building in Olympia 1-20-21It’s nice to not have a president who spews hate and calls people names on Twitter every day. It’s also nice that he’s not sitting in the oval office signing harmful executive orders and causing other trouble.

Although the Republicans will continue to fight adequate funding to fight the pandemic, at least in President Biden we have a federal executive branch leader who believes the coronavirus is real and it isn’t “going away” soon.

And, the violence on Inauguration Day wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

At our state Capitol in Olympia, Washington, it was quiet on Inauguration Day.

Meanwhile, my blogging group is writing about:

  • How love and forgiveness are mutually exclusive.
  • A humorous take on losing the “covid 15” you’ve gained.
  • How life is better after the inauguration and no tweets from the former president.
  • A recommendation for books that have been written by baby boomers and midlife writers and books written for boomers.
  • How trying new things at home worked out and didn’t require going out.
  • When a husband goes food shopping.

Rebecca Olkowski of BabyBoomster writes about these articles on the Best of Boomer Blogs 685. Click here to get the links to the articles. And be sure to join in the conversations. Bloggers love to hear from readers.




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