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Rita Robison and Cecilia Artero Before the Pandemic is 2019It’s been a difficult week. I’ve been struggling to get 1,400 photos off my Samsung phone onto my Apple desktop or my laptop.

My phone was nearly full, so I wasn’t able to take more photos and videos. That’s a problem because I need my phone to do my Rita R. Robison Consumer Tip of the Day on Instagram.

I spent four hours, two hours each, with two different Samsung representatives on the phone.

We were trying to get the photos onto a micro SD card so I could put the small card in a holder and upload the photos to my computer. However, my cell phone wouldn’t recognize the three different cards I tried, including one I’d tried earlier at a Verizon store.

We decided to try transferring the photos to my Google Drive. One of the Samsung representative got the transfer going. He said it would take hours. After about 15 hours, the transfer crashed.

I worked all day the next day trying to figure out how to do the transfer myself. I made a big mistake and transferred some Google information to my iMac, so that wasn’t the right thing.

I got up the next morning and decided try working on it myself again instead of working with another Samsung representative or two. The one who got transfer going had me select the 1,400 photos one at a time. Surely, I thought, there must be a way to Select All.

I figured out that I could transfer 30-60 photos at a time to my Google Drive. Success at last.

Then, when I had most of the photos transferred to my Google Drive, I could use a USB cable to transfer photos from my phone to my Apple laptop. It didn’t work with 1,400 photos.

Now, I’ll transfer photos the first of every month, then delete them from my phone. That will keep me going until the price of the iPhone 12 goes down.

While it was exciting to get this photo management problem figured out, it also was emotional to go through photos from January back through February 2019.

I saw photos of Christmas 2019 in Madrid plus tourist fun, photos of my niece who passed away in February 2020, and photos from the funeral of my son-in-law’s mom in 2020.

The photo above is of my granddaughter Cecilia and me in 2019 before the pandemic.

It’s just so sad that I’ll have another lonely year at home by myself for 2021 just like I had for 2020. And, it’s possible that more people that I know will die.

Meanwhile, bloggers are writing about:

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  • By helping others, you help yourself.
  • The requirement for funeral homes to give those arranging funeral services a copy of their price list and offer information over the phone.
  • Thoughts of when winter will end.
  • The New York Times daily game called “The Spelling Bee.”

Jennifer Koshak of Unfold and Begin writes about these articles on the Best of Boomer Blogs #686. Click here to get the links to the article. And be sure to leave a comment. Bloggers love conversations with their readers.


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