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Cybex to pay $7.95 million for failing to report serious injuries related to its exercise equipment

Cybex_Carousel_Image_v2Cybex International Inc. has agreed to pay a $7.95 million penalty to resolve charges that it failed to immediately report to the Consumer Product Safety Commission that the Arm Curl and Smith Press machines had a risk of serious injury.

CPSC charged that Cybex had information that a weld on its Arm Curl machines can fatigue and fail, causing the handle to separate unexpectedly and strike the user in the face. 

Cybex received 85 reports of broken handles on the Arm Curl machine, including reports of serious injuries and one report of permanent vision loss. However, the fitness equipment manufacturer didn’t notify the CPSC immediately of the defect or risk.

CPSC also charged that Cybex had information that the weight bar on its Smith Press machines can fall, posing serious injury hazards to the user.

Cybex received 27 reports of injuries associated with the Smith Press machine, including reports of paralysis and spinal fracture. However, the company didn’t notify the CPSC immediately of the defect or risk.

Cybex recalled the Arm Curl machine on August 25, 2015, and it recalled the Smith Press machine on August 29, 2018.

In addition to paying the penalty, Cybex has agreed to maintain a program to ensure compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Act. 

Cybex will also maintain a system of internal controls and procedures to ensure that information required to be disclosed by Cybex to the CPSC is reported as required by law.

Cybex is now under new ownership, and the company’s settlement doesn’t constitute an admission of CPSC charges.


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