Facts and figures for Valentine’s Day 2021
Heavy duty steel shelving units are being recalled by Edsal due to injury hazard

Happy Valentine’s Day

Snow Deepest 2021Although about half of U.S. adults plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, less than one-quarter of them plan to go out for dinner, down significantly from previous years. However, a survey reported that 41 percent said they’d plan a special dinner or celebration at home.

I decided not to order another $75 dinner for Valentine’s Day from a local French restaurant like I had for Christmas. I thought I’d skip a special dinner. However, when my daughter said they were having chocolate soufflé, I got a yen for chocolate.

I called a local pizza restaurant that offers chocolate cake along with pizza for delivery. However, after the phone rang a long, long time, no one answered.

We’re having a big snow storm. In the last few days, we’ve gotten about 12 inches of snow.

It’s beginning to melt now and the second set of 12 inches of snow didn’t materialize. And the power hasn’t gone out.

Here in the Seattle area, we seldom get snow. It’s been two years since we’ve had a big snow storm.

I’m going to have chicken stew with cabbage, turnips, carrots, and one potato for my Valentine’s Day dinner along with salad. (The one potato is mentioned because I’ve gained weight and cutting out chips, potatoes, and desserts is part of the weight-loss plan.)

I have one gluten-free brownie in my freezer. That will be my Valentine’s Day treat today.

I hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day. I was able to have a video call with my daughters, with sightings of three grandchildren, so that gave me joy.

My daughter said she ordered a surprise for me that was supposed to be delivered Saturday. It didn't arrive. I'm hoping for chocolate, since she sent me chocolate-covered strawberries earlier this year. However, since I'm watching my weight, maybe it will be flowers.


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