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Watch out for scams related to your next stimulus payment

Stimulus-check-due to Pandemic Third Check March 20215948809_640It’s started already. The scammers are changing their pitches to include stimulus payments.

The call yesterday said, due to the soon to be sent stimulus payments, credit card companies were lowering their interest rate. I could press No. 1 to get more information.

What? As usual, I hung up quickly.

The IRS said scammers try to steal a taxpayer's identity, then file false tax returns or supply other bogus information to the IRS to divert refunds to wrong addresses or bank accounts.

The IRS warns consumers to be on the outlook for:

  • Text messages asking taxpayers to disclose bank account information under the promise of receiving a $1,200 stimulus payment.
  • Phishing schemes using email, letters, and social media messages using keywords such as "stimulus" in varying ways. Scammers know many people are in desperate need of money, and they'll use certain buzz words to entice you.
  • Phone calls about your stimulus payment from the IRS or another government agency. Keep in mind that U.S. government agencies won’t call you about your stimulus payment. In addition, they won’t ask you for information or to pay anything up front to receive the funds.
  • A communication that says you can get your money early, or faster. There's no such thing.

Be on the looking for criminals who want to steal your money.


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