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Growing a vegetable garden is easier than you think


My yard is beautiful this time of year. I have 40 rhododendrons in various stages of blooming. It’s a wonderful time to be doing yard work.


I’m working on planting my vegetable garden. I’ve spaded my raised-bed garden, amended the soil with compost and vegetable fertilizer, and planted cucumber seedlings.

Next to that, I’ve planted zucchinis. They need a lot of room.

For seeds, I’ll plant Swiss chard, carrots, kale, collards, and green beans in the raised-bed garden.

I also grow vegetables in containers on my patio.


I’ve planted lettuce and spinach. I’ll also plant eggplant, green pepper, and strawberries.


I also planted peas. And, even more cucumbers. I’ll probably have too many.

I love planting a garden every year and eating fantastic organic vegetables. Gardening is easier these than ever these days.

You can go to a garden center and buy a raised-bed garden kit. Find a flat place, fill it with soil and compost, and plant seedlings. Water as the plants grow, and, like magic, vegetables will appear.


And, if you’re out in your yard a lot, you never know what you’ll see.


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Laurie Stone

Rita, I'd love to grow a vegetable garden. Wish I wasn't so lazy. Maybe I'll ask for help from my sons!

Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

We made a raised bed out of bricks we had in the yard and now we have big tomato plants growing. I also have herbs and some other plants in pots. Gardening is so relaxing even when you're working hard at it. We also have tons of succulents including tall saguaro and prickly pear that bloom.


Unfortunately, we live in an apartment complex with no place to garden. I've tried growing plants on my patio but we are not positioned well for sun. We even tried one of those indoor herb planters but the electrical cord was running hot in the wall socket and no longer works. Ah well.


Laurie, yes, do ask your sons for help. Kids, even older ones, often like vegetable gardening.

Rebecca, bricks for a raised-bed garden sounds great. I know your garden will be wonderful. My daughter, who's a botanist, lives in Sacramento and she has amazing gardens there.

Jennifer, too bad about the apartment complex having no place to garden. Maybe you could find a community garden nearby?

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