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Package-delivery-Amazon Prime 1243499_640I’m not a big fan of Amazon Prime. I joined because I thought I’d get to see a lot of recent, top-rated movies for free.

I analyze the Academy Award nominated movies and thought I could save money and time watching movies on my computer.

It didn’t work out. Amazon Prime has very few recent movies and fewer yet for free. I paid $5 for several movies and much more for a couple of others.

I did like Amazon Prime at Christmastime. I was able to send last-minute gifts to several people to cheer them up during the pandemic.

Here are things to watch out on Amazon Prime Day:

  • Make sure you’re getting a bargain price. Prices on Amazon are often higher, so when they’re marked down they may still be higher than other stores.
  • Don’t order things you don’t need. Amazon Prime Day is a huge yard sale to sell stuff Amazon hasn’t been able to sell.
  • Don’t be rushed into buying something because the time limit is expiring. You may be able to get it cheaper elsewhere or it may be something you really don’t need.
  • Be aware it can be hard to find the best Amazon Prime Day deals. Many of them expire quickly, and new ones appear regularly, often without much notice.

Update: See Consumer Report's article, “How to Get the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals” to help your Prime Day shopping.



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Dear Rita, a few years ago, had considered purchasing Amazon Prime, but of course, paying by a good old-fashioned paper check wasn't how Amazon wanted to be paid. Wasn't surprised then, and am sure not surprised they pull the ol' act-now (and rack up yer credit-card balance). All a come on, amazon can kiss my fanny.


Yes, you have to be careful of Amazon. Marked way up, marked way down.

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