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It’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Couple-3113574_640(1)Every year, June 15 is recognized as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

The purpose of Elder Abuse Day is to raise awareness to the abuse and neglect experienced by elderly people around the world through cultural, social, economic, and demographic processes, according to the National Center of Elder Abuse.

“Our seniors are vital members of our community,” said U.S. Attorney Prim Escalona. “Unfortunately, they are often among the most vulnerable.”

Crimes against the elderly affect at least 10 percent of older Americans every year through the following methods:

  • Scams that exploit the elderly through grandparent or romance scams, extortion, fraudulent Internal Revenue Service refunds, and fake prizes.
  • Abuse that leads to serious physical injuries or long-term psychological consequences.
  • Abuse that impacts cognitive abilities, resulting in greater economic losses.
  • Abuse that triples the risk of premature death or unnecessary suffering, injuring, or illness.

For information on how to combat elder abuse, visit

In addition, the Money Smart for Older Adults program – a collaboration of the Office for Older Americans, financial institutions, law enforcement, Adult Protective Services, legal aid organizations, senior service providers, and other community stakeholders – has been updated.

The program’s “Money Smart for Older Adults” can be distributed as a stand-alone handout for older adults and others in the community. Free bulk copies can be ordered by visiting


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