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Scammers targeting unemployment insurance benefits and personal information


Phishing_scam_text_messages_blurred_all From FTC
Identity thieves are targeting millions of people nationwide with scam phishing texts aimed at stealing personal information, unemployment benefits, or both.

The phishing texts try to trick you to click a link to “make necessary corrections” to your unemployment insurance claim, “reactivate” your benefits account, or “verify” your personal information.

The link takes you to a fake state agency website that may look real. There, you’re asked to input your website credentials and personal information, such as your Social Security number.

Fraudsters can use the information to file fraudulent unemployment insurance benefits claims or for other identity theft.

Don’t be fooled. State agencies don’t send text messages asking for personal information.

If you get an unsolicited text or email message that looks like it’s from a state workforce agency, don’t reply or click any link.

If you’re not sure, contact the agency directly using the State Directory for Reporting Unemployment Identity Theft on this U.S. Department of Labor webpage.

If you think you may have entered your personal information into a fraudulent website, visit to find out how to make it more difficult for an identity thief to misuse your information.

You can report a suspicious text message or email claiming to be from a state workforce agency to the National Center for Disaster Fraud by filling out an NCDF Complaint Form or by calling 866-720-5721.

Inform the Federal Trade Commission also at


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