Tips for buying a car at Labor Day sales
Dollar General is recalling sling lounges due to amputation, laceration, and pinching hazard

Are you traveling this Labor Day weekend?

Gasworks Park Space Needle Seattle ScenicThis Labor Day, I’m sticking pretty close to home. With the delta variant surging, it makes the most sense to me.

However, I see on Facebook that people are traveling a lot in their state and throughout the United States. Some are even going to Europe.

Fifty-three percent of Americans plan to get out of town for Labor Day, with 37 percent of them traveling by car, according to a survey by WalletHub. Twelve percent will fly to their vacation spot.

The top destinations for travelers are Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, New York, and Seattle.

Although the cost of fuel is about the same as it was just after the Fourth of July holiday weekend, predictions are that prices could increase because of Hurricane Ida.

Since covid-19 requirements are all over the place, be sure to have a mask and your vaccine card with you at all times.

A couple of certain requirements – the federal mask mandate for air travelers and mass transportation has been extended until Jan. 1.

Now, as I suspected all along was necessary, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends vaccinated travelers wear a mask indoors in public places. And many businesses, including bars, are requiring customers to wear masks.

So use caution, especially for older adults and kids who haven’t been vaccinated.

A big debate is occurring in Washington about the Washington State Fair in Puyallup. Cassie Sauer, president of the Washington State Hospital Association, said holding the fair was a bad idea. The fair is Sept. 3 to Sept. 26.

Hospitals in the state are crowded and patient numbers are at record highs. Elective surgeries are being postponed. At some hospitals, patients beds are being put in hallways.

Reports came out this week that the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden, Aug. 12 to 21, resulted in at least 108 covid-19 cases.

Puyallup fair organizers are now requiring masks to be worn both inside and outside at the fair.

Good luck with your holiday plans.


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Tom from Sightnigs

We're staying home for Labor Day. But we do have a week-long trip planned for Cape Cod later in Sept. -- an airbnb we booked back when Covid was supposed to be over. We're still going, but will be careful. Both vaccinated. Masks indoors. Restaurants outdoors only. And the airbnb, we think, is safer than seven nights in a hotel. Wish us luck! (And good luck to all other travelers.)


Tom, it sounds like you have the right plan for being cautious. It's too bad the delta variant is causing so many cases and deaths again. Just when I was having hope.

Carol Cassara

I don't feel comfortable traveling right now. It's pretty obvious that if we do not all just close in for a while (which isn't going to happen) we will continue to be in this mess. We lost our window to shut the virus down and now, infuriatingly, people are acting like everything's normal. Which it isn't. We are home for at least the rest of the year and into '22. On our walk this morning we both agreed that we might not be able to take our '23 trips, either.


I so hope traveling will be safer in 2022. I'd like go to Madrid in May 2022 and see my grandkids graduate from high school. I'm hesitant to travel now farther than I can drive in a day.

Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

I keep seeing people posting photos of the insides of bars or at events like weddings with no masks in sight. In Los Angeles, we wear masks inside unless we are eating and when I was in Mexico everyone wore masks inside and out. People wonder why this virus is going on for so long but refuse to wear masks or be vaccinated. It boggles the mind.


It's good to know people in Los Angeles are wearing masks inside. In the Seattle area, most people are good about wearing masks inside. However, we had demonstration at the state capital in Olympia Saturday protesting the governor's mandate on vaccinations for state employees. I wondered why the big fuss when you can get a medical or religious exemption. Teachers and first responders are threatening to quit. Why don't they just ask for an exemption. In mid-August, there was another demonstration against kids wearing masks in school. So outlandish. Most kids aren't vaccinated yet. To send them to school without masks is unconscionable.

Diane Tolley

We will be home, spending the day socially-distanced outdoors with some of our kids and grands. So happy for good weather that allows this!


Good weather on Labor Day, yes. I did several hours of weed pulling. Unfortunately, there's a lot I'd still like to do before fall-winter.


We are home Labor Day weekend, but plan on a trip to Vermont mid-October to visit the kids and grandkids. We want to travel, we want to see family, but remain cautious and concerned.


Remaining cautious and concerned is good. Washington state covid rates are right now tied with the highest rates we've ever had. The governor is working hard not to shut down the state again.

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