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Girl-With Mask Trick-or-TreatingMy kids are grown and out of the nest, so all I have to do to get ready for Halloween is to figure out where I put the treats I bought several weeks ago.

Last year, no one came to the door, so I had to eat the packaged raisins myself. My daughter scolds me every year about the raisin treats, telling me nonsugar treats would be better, but I’m stuck in a rut.

This year, I’m wondering how to give out the treats. Should I put them in a bowl six feet away from me?

Yes, says the Washington State Department of Health. The department gives the following tips for a safer Halloween:

If family members will be trick-or-treating:

  • Stick with members of your own household and distance from others when in crowded indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Wear a cloth mask and remember: a plastic costume mask isn’t a suitable substitute.
  • Wash your hands before and after trick-or-treating.
  • Bring plenty of hand sanitizer

If you give out treats:

  • Limit candy to individually wrapped treat bags. This reduces the number of people who would typically touch items.
  • Place treats on a table in your driveway or yard to avoid crowding.
  • Place a few mini pumpkins or other decorations 6 feet apart to signal a line and keep trick- or-treaters distanced while waiting for treats.

More covid tips for the holiday season:

  • Get vaccinated to protect yourself and others not yet eligible, such as young children, from covid-19.
  • Wear a cloth face covering or mask anytime you’re with people from outside your household, whether indoors or outside. 
    • Make sure face coverings or masks fit snugly and cover your mouth and nose. 
    • Wear a mask indoors or in crowded outdoor spaces even if you’re vaccinated.
  • Avoid crowded or confined spaces. Outdoor activities are safer than indoor activities. If you’re inside, make sure to have proper ventilation, and open doors and windows when possible.
  • Watch distance and limit close contact with people outside of your household. Where possible stay six feet apart and keep closer contact brief, especially among people at high risk for severe covid-19 or who aren’t fully vaccinated.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands, and the hands of kids, often. 
  • Stay home if you’re sick or were recently exposed to covid-19. If you have symptoms or you’ve been identified as a close contact of someone with covid-19, get tested.
  • Visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's travel page for up guidance on domestic and international travel and other travel recommendation, if you’re planning to travel. The CDC recommends delaying travel until you’re fully vaccinated.
  • Visit the CDC’s holiday celebrations web page to learn more about safer ways to celebrate the holidays.


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