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Today when I was headed to a second-hand store to donate an item, I was crossing a bridge over the freeway.

I looked to the right and saw a person grab the top of the handrail with both hands, which looked odd. I thought, well, they’re probably just looking at something. Then, I saw the person host themselves up on to the railing, straddling it.

I was stunned. By that time, I was past the person and unable to stop in the traffic. I pulled off by Sears in the parking lot and called 911.

A woman who took the call listened to what I was reporting and finally said they’d received several reports on the incident, and the police were on the way. I saw a police car arriving.

I was too far away to see the person or the police car.

I continued on my way, donating the item. I saw on my phone that I got a return phone call from 911, but I wasn’t able to get it in time.

I then went back over the bridge to do my next errand.

Four or five police cars were spread out on that side of the bridge, but I couldn’t tell what was happening.

I hope the woman is O.K. The 911 dispatcher said the person was a she. I hope she walked off the bridge.

It was a shocking thing to observe. I keep thinking about it.

If you have thoughts of suicide, please call 800-273-TALK (8255). People care.

Update: A Facebook friend alerted me to this posting on the Thurston Co. Scanner, News, & Weather Blog:

Police Scanner Report Attempted Suicide in Olympia WN Woman Saved

I'm so glad the young woman was rescued. I hope she gets the treatment she needs.


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