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Photo: Joe Mabel

Every year, I watch most of the Academy Award nominated movies and analyze them for ageism, sexism, and violence. I’ve done this for more than 10 years.

I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for Amazon Prime to have access to more movies when I’m doing my reviews.

The movies available on Amazon Prime are a joke. Most are old; seldom is a new movie offered. And when the newer movies are available, you often have to pay $20 to watch one. It’s outrageous.

Last year, I didn’t want to go to a movie theater during the pandemic, so I paid the $20 to watch a couple of movies on Amazon Prime.

This week, I made a list of movies that may be nominated for an Academy Award. I want to get started watching them early because 30 or more movies is a lot to watch in two to three weeks.

I looked through Amazon Prime Video for movies on my list. There’s “Belfast,” available for $19.99. That’s terrible.

I also looked for a TV series that I might want to watch. I found “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” no charge. Good.

Then, I looked for “The Handmaiden’s Tale.” It cost from $4.99 to buy for a season. Outrageous.

Doesn’t Jeff Bezos have enough money?

Amazon Prime Video has a poor selection of movies. And, charging $19.99 to watch a movie or a TV series is price gouging.

Amazon Prime Video might work for someone who likes to watch old movies, watch second-rate movies, or watch movies more than once.

Since I find even the so called “best movies” lacking, what Amazon Prime Video offers is a big disappointment.


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