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Happy Valentine’s Day

Bloggers keep plugging on, even traveling, in these mixed up times

Valentines-day-6924626_640“You’re beautiful and gorgeous. You have lovely eyes and sexy lips that are kissable.”

That’s what a stranger wrote to me on Instagram. Fortunately, since I write about fraud frequently, I can recognize a potential romance scam.

Unfortunately, new data from the Federal Trade Commission show that more consumers than ever report falling prey to romance scammers. Consumers reported losing $547 million in 2021 alone. That’s up 80 percent from 2020.

On Valentine’s Day, I won’t be spending the average of $175 that one survey showed. However, I do have some nice chocolates and cava that I’ll be enjoying. Fifty-six percent of those celebrating Valentine’s Day in the United States will be buying candy. It’s estimated that $2.2 billion will be spent.

Meanwhile, my blogging friends have all kinds of plans. Some of them, like I see on Facebook, are traveling.

I was shocked last week when a number of blue state governors began removing covid restrictions ahead of public health recommendations. What a mixed up world we live in. I’ll be continuing to wear my mask until the covid situation improves substantially.

Here’s what my blogging friends are up to and writing about:

A slower paced, stress-free vacation

Fast-paced, always on the move travel is a thing of the past for Meryl Baer of Beach Boomer Bulletin. Baer prefers a slower paced, stress-free vacation, if that’s possible. She spent a couple of weeks in the Sunshine State hoping to soak up some rays. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate, but she met her goal of a simple, almost stress-free vacation, as she tells us in this week’s blog post.

Where am I?

Tom Sightings from the Sightings Over Sixty blog is traveling in February to see grandchildren. If you take a look at the directional sign in his post, then view some of the photos, perhaps you can find the solution to “Where Am I? ... “ before he gives you the final answer.

The benefits of packing light

Travel’s what Carol Cassara of Carol A. Cassara Writer misses most about the past few years. Cassara has gone back into her blog’s archives as she remembers memorable trips and shares packing tips her post “How I Learned to Pack Light + Tips.”

Starting over in midlife

Jennifer Koshak of Unfold and Begin writes frequently about creativity. In addition, Koshak writes about trying new things, starting over, and redefining who you are. In “How They Started Over as Artists,” she focuses on two women who turned to art after retirement. One women used to teach it but didn't start her art career until after retirement. The other worked in banking her entire life and was just looking for a new hobby. Instead, she found a second career.

Forging on when you’re 80

You think life is one way, but then realize it’s not. In fact, it’s different than you imagined. This happened to Laurie Stone of Laurie Stone Writes recently when she had lunch with her mother who’s in her 80s. That’s when she saw she has this whole aging thing wrong and maybe even backwards. Here’s what she discovered

Fiction as an escape

With the world on a seemingly out-of-control trajectory, Diane Tolley of On The Border sometimes struggles with all the bad news. Her favorite escape is in writing fiction – particularly the adventures of a happy-go-lucky movie star named Sally. Sally’s family puts up with her capers, but when she’s away, someone has to take up the slack...

All your health records online in one place

Do you ever get frustrated trying to find all your health records online? Some people have doctors who use different computer systems, and it’s not always easy to keep health records in the same place. Rebecca Olkowski with interviewed the CEO and founder of Health IQ who has set up a system to track records that’s free for seniors over 65. See “Check My Health Record: Free Online Service for Seniors” for details.

This is the Best of Boomer Blogs #740. Be sure to check out the articles and join in the conversations by leaving comments. Our bloggers love to hear from readers.


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Laurie Stone

Nice job, Rita!

Carol Cassara

I completely agree with you about masking I think it's a crazy idea to remove Mandates.


I'm going to write an entire article about wearing masks. My daughter said I can just keep wearing my N5 and be O.K. Yes, that's my plan. But, I'm upset already about all the people dying in the United States compared to other wealthy countries. More people are going to die. That's what I'm upset about.


Didn't spend a dime on Valentine's Day. Great job!


Good for you. I bought a bottle of cava and a friend gave me some chocolates.

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