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February 2022

Super Bowl ads continue to be unimaginative in 2022, with violence again being used to sell

The Super Bowl ads for 2022 were mostly disappointing. Although a few had a good message, the overall feel of the game show was dystopian. A QR code drifting across the screen, ads for apps and betting websites I’d never heard of, and supposedly clever ads featuring stars from TV series I’ve never seen. Read more →

Have you ever wondered about the safety of eating a home delivered meal?

Recently, I wrote about a turkey Wellington I ordered from Harry & David. Unfortunately, it sat in the FedEx warehouse for about 10 days. I knew it wasn’t safe to eat. I got my money back. For some time, however, I’ve wondered about the safety of home delivered meals. Read more →

Watching Academy Award nominated movies for 2021? Compare prices

It’s getting closer to the big Oscar night March 27. More of the nominated movies are becoming available online. However, be sure to compare prices to save money. I signed up for Amazon Prime, not for free delivery, but for the movies. Since I review the Academy Award nominated movies every year for sexism, ageism, and violence, I thought it would be helpful. Read more →

Have you found a bargain at the Presidents’ Day sales yet?

Recently, I wrote you could find deals on clothing, electronics, mattresses, home goods and furniture, and large appliances at Presidents’ Day sales. Ever hopeful, I went over to Best Buy to see if they had reduced prices for an iPhone 12 or a new Apple desktop. Read more →

On Presidents’ Day, make a plan to stand up for democracy

In the past, I’ve encouraged citizens on Presidents’ Day to take the opportunity to participate in government and make their voices heard. The goal? To help make government work more effectively. That message is even more critically important now. Read more →

Keep wearing a mask and avoid crowded indoor places

It’s disappointing that the governors in blue states are removing covid restrictions. Just because cases from the huge spike in covid cases caused by the omicron variant are dropping dramatically doesn’t mean that the chances of getting covid are gone or are even reduced significantly. Read more →

Did you know that loyalty programs can collect and use your personal information?

California is investigating some businesses operating loyalty programs and notices have been sent out alleging they aren’t complying with consumer laws. Businesses that offer discounts or free items in exchange for personal information in California are required to provide a notice of financial incentive. Read more →