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‘Money Boss Mom’ aims to tame financial stress for young parents

Jamie Bosse Headshot 2021By Jamie Bosse, CFP, RFC, CCFC, Aspyre Wealth Partners

Guest blogger

Americans’ revolving credit levels once again reached their highest levels since March 2020. Sixty-six percent of millennials have nothing saved for retirement. And nearly one in four Americans have PTSD-like symptoms due to financial stress — many of whom are young parents.

Jamie Bosse, certified financial planner and author, is looking to change that narrative through her new book, “Money Boss Mom: Helping Young Parents Be the Boss of Their Financial Future.” The book explores the intersections of behavior, habits, money, and values to help young parents gain control of their financial lives.

“As a mother of four young kids, I understand first-hand what millennial parents are going through,” said Bosse. “Parenthood brings a new set of worries and stressors.

It's important to equip young parents with the tools and knowledge they need to make small shifts with their money today to ensure a bright financial future for tomorrow, she said.

“Parenthood is an exciting time,” Bosse said. “It shouldn’t be fraught with worry.”  

With stories and insights from authors, professors, psychologists, and other financial specialists, “Money Boss Mom” breaks down intimidating financial topics into actionable steps.

The book provides helpful tips to get readers on the right financial trajectory, including learning how to:

  • Identify the motives and mindset behind their financial decisions.
  • Protect their family in times of unexpected emergencies.
  • Discuss money with their spouse and children.
  • Align spending with values.
  • Put systems in place to automate savings, spending, and investing.
  • Plan for the ever-increasing costs of parenthood.

“Money Boss Mom” is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and other major book outlets.


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Carol Cassara

Good tips for people who have kids...and very soothing in its way.


Yes, it's good to know that parents can take a look at the way their kids look at money and make positive changes.

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