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April 2022

How are your finances?

April is National Financial Literacy Month. It’s a great opportunity for consumers to check and promote their financial situation and skills. For people who have just started earning or have been earning for a long time, every day is a chance to reflect on spending and improve finances.  Read more →

Check out these 10 healthy aging tips from the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

As part of National Older Americans Month in May, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is providing 10 steps for healthy aging. “Promoting healthy aging helps ensure older adults remain a vibrant, integral community members for many years to come,” said Charles J. Fuschillo Jr., AFA’s president & CEO. Read more →

After a death over the weekend, consumers reminded to use proper canning methods

A man aged 55-65 passed away in Grays Harbor County, Washington, during the weekend from a probable case of botulism. Public health officials are waiting for test results to confirm the cause of death. Health officials assisted the deceased man’s spouse, with the safe disposal of jars of home-canned food. Read more →

After May 4 Fed interest rate hike, $3.3 billion in extra credit card interest expected

With the likelihood high that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates by half a point on May 4, people with credit card debt will spend an additional $3.3 billion on interest in 2022, according to WalletHub. “People generally have a negative opinion on Fed rate hikes,” said Delaney Simchuk, analyst. Read more →

Funeral provider fails to provide accurate price and service information, FTC charges

It’s difficult for families to make decisions about funeral arrangements fast when a loved one dies. Due to the pandemic or if they live far away, they may need to plan services by phone or online. When consumers ask for information by phone, the FTC’s Funeral Rule requires funeral providers give them accurate information. Read more →

Insignia air fryers are being recalled by Best Buy due to burn and fire risks

Best Buy is recalling about 635,000 Insignia air fryers and air fryer ovens in the U.S. and 137,000 in Canada. They can overheat, posing fire and burn risks. Best Buy has received 68 reports from U.S. consumers and 36 reports from Canadians of the air fryer or air fryer ovens catching fire, burning, or melting. Read more →

On Earth Day, let’s renew environmental efforts for the health of the planet

There’s no doubt about it. Everyone – governments, organizations, and the public – needs to do more to slow down climate change. I remember well the first Earth Day in 1970. A river in Cleveland bursting into flames when oil-soaked debris in the water ignited. Read more →

MoneyGram delayed transfers and withheld refunds, CFPB and New York attorney general charge

MoneyGram, one of the largest money transfer companies in the U.S., held up funds and withheld refunds, the CFPB and New York Attorney General’s Office allege in a lawsuit. The company repeatedly violated consumer laws when it failed to deliver funds promptly to recipients abroad. Read more →

FTC tells day trading scheme to stop fooling consumers about big earnings

The Warrior Trading day trading investment scheme is being ordered by the FTC to stop making unrealistic claims of big gains to consumers. It alleges that the company and its CEO used those claims to convince consumers to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a system that failed for most customers. Read more →

While everyday Americans are paying taxes, some corporations aren’t paying their fair share, watchdog group says

If you’re like me, you pay income taxes every year. However, some large corporations are evading taxes while raising prices. Five large corporations – including FedEx, Nike, and Duke Energy, which raised prices on consumers last year – paid an average tax rate of negative 11.6 percent. Read more →