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What to buy and not buy in April

Rain-Girls in Rain Umbrella g29735a03b_640Spring is here, and while April isn’t the best month for bargains, you’ll probably be able to find savings. The key is to compare prices. suggests looking for discounts on these items:

Spring apparel

Usually, you can’t find sales for clothing until the end of the season. However, spring apparel is different because some items are suitable for many months of the year. Be aware these events may not be branded for spring; some may be labeled as winter clearance sales or something similar. Look for shirts, shorts, shoes, flip-flops, sandals, and kids shoes and apparel.

Garden gear

You may be able to find deals on vegetable and herb seeds and plants.

Clearance Easter items

Easter is April 17 this year, which means on April 18 you can probably pick up seasonal candy, toys, and decor at up to 50 percent off. The selection will dwindle quickly, so you don't wait too long to buy.

Secondhand items

Since it’s spring, people are cleaning out their closets. More donations mean bigger selections to choose from, so April is a great month to shop thrift stores and consignment shops. Many people make their donations over the weekend, so the best items will probably be on the sales floor before Wednesday each week.

Early Mother’s Day gifts

If you want to give your mom traditional gifts such as flowers or jewelry for Mother’s Day, you may want to start looking this month. If you wait until May, the prices may jump on these items.

Home improvement supplies

Sales should be abundant and a variety of retailers will offer savings on everything from supplies to tools to safety wear.

Sustainable products

The month of April brings Earth Day and Arbor Day, which puts a focus on protecting the planet. Because of that, there will be eco-friendly and sustainable freebies as well as sales and deals from companies that create these products. In addition, watch for special deals from eco-focused companies.

Rain gear

If you’re in an area that frequently sees rain this time of year, you may want to pick up gear that’ll keep you dry on those wet days. Watch for sales on umbrellas and rain jackets at a variety of stores,

Seasonal produce

Check your local farmers market for artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, leeks, lettuce, and spring peas. In addition, you may find cauliflower, mushrooms, radishes, and rhubarb. For a sweet treat, look for good prices on pineapples. April is the peak season for pineapples. also suggests not buying these items in April:

Skip grills, mattresses, and large appliances. Memorial Day sales will likely be big for mattresses and you’ll find deep discounts for large appliances, too. For grills, September and October is a better time to look for bargains.


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