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Facts and figures for Mother’s Day 2022
Ceramic knives are being recalled by Norwex USA due to laceration risk

Happy Mother’s Day

Birthday Photo on Zoom With Cecilia Rita Robison's BirthdayWell, I’m sad this year to be at home and not in Madrid visiting my daughter and her family. I decided not to travel this year due to the pandemic. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go for Christmas.

I did have a video call with my daughters, which is great. However, we forgot to take a photo.

The photo to the left is from my birthday Wednesday. My granddaughter Cecilia joined us for a minute. What a beautiful young woman. She’s graduating from high school this year.

A funny thing about the photo. I picked out the cake at the supermarket. I went in the evening, so I had to ask for help to have someone get the small cake out of the display case. I told him I didn’t want a pink decoration that said happy birthday; I wanted a different color. He replied that it didn’t say happy birthday; it said happy Mother’s Day. So it turned out to be a Birthday-Mother’s Day cake.

Part of my philosophy of life is getting joy despite what’s happening in the world whether it’s a pandemic, repressive government policies, or war. I tell my friends and family about it all the time: “Don’t let xxx steal your joy.”

Today, I need to take my own advice. I have two wonderful daughters and three fantastic grandchildren. I have a nice home and beautiful yard. My health is good. I am truly blessed.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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