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Facts and figures for Memorial Day 2022

What to look for at Memorial Day sales

Washing-machine-Dryer Side By Side geac991e1c_640While barbecues, road trips, and fun in the sun are often Memorial Day activities, it’s also a great time to look for bargains.

Remember to compare prices. Marked way up and marked way down, doesn’t mean any savings for your pocketbook. suggests looking for these deals, which are already underway:

Outdoor items

The best deals for outdoor items such as grills and patio furniture are better at the end of summer. However, that doesn’t give you much time to use them. If you want to upgrade, you may find modest savings now.


Clothing is a big part of Memorial Day sales. You can expect the best discounts to be on spring apparel.


Memorial Day is a great time to buy a mattress. Check out department stores and warehouse stores.


You may be able to find deals as much as 50 percent off on appliances at Memorial Day sales. Be aware you’ll need to pay more to have an appliance installed and the old one hauled away.

Worth checking out

Electronics might not be as big for Memorial Day sales as some other items, but expect sales on computers over the long holiday weekend. Compare prices for outdoor gear for summer activities, too.

Remember, Memorial Day sales don’t necessarily end on the day itself or even the day after. Some stretch through the end of the week, and others even go slightly beyond that. However, while the sales may last, the selection won’t. Don't wait too long to check out the sales, especially if you're looking for a certain item or wear a popular size.


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