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What to buy and not buy in July

Fireworks Pink Big Smoke IMG_0300July is one of the better months for sales. The 4th of July is a big shopping holiday so compare prices and see what bargains you can find. Also, be on the lookout the next few weeks because the back to school sales are coming up.

Here are suggestions from on what to look for at the July sales:

National Ice Cream Day deals

National Ice Cream Day is July 17 this year, and lots of stores will be offering deals to celebrate. Take a look and see what’s being offered in your community.

Seasonal clothing

Ordinarily, seasonal clothing is a no-no during the season, but July is an exception due mostly to July 4th sales. You’ll find lots of summer clothing items with great discounts worth shopping for.

Outdoor gear

If you love spending time outdoors, you can find great deals on gear for all kinds of outdoor activities during July. Watch for watertight survival kits to be about $5, tackle kits to cost about $15, and nylon double hammocks to go for about $1. Watch for tent deals to be as low as $34, while a Coleman 4-in-1 gas camping stove could be as low as $97.

Early back to school sales

Different parts of the country return to school at different times, so that means the back to school sales start early and last for weeks. The result is lots of deals for you to consider. Back to school sales can begin as early as July 7 with as much as 55 percent off on many different types of school items.

Prime Day sales

Amazon spent two years changing the date for Prime Day. In 2020, it held the sale in October, while last year it moved the event to June. Now, Amazon is returning to previous dates. The online retailer is hosting the event in July again this year, but the dates haven’t been announced yet. There will be likely be savings on Amazon devices, home and garden items, electronics, Instant Pots, fitness trackers, and other products.

5 things not to buy in July


You can expect some good deals during Prime Day and back to school sales, but you’ll see better deals, and more of them, in November around Black Friday.

Patio furniture

You may see some savings on these items in July, but the deals really ramp up when summer starts to wind down.


This is another item that sees deep discounts when summer is almost over and grilling weather is disappearing.

Lawn mowers

Like other summer items, these should see much better savings when summer is winding down and retailers are trying to make room for fall gear.


These are an unusual item because there’s demand for them year-round. However, sunglasses do tend to top summer shopping lists, which means prices will be on the higher end; hold off until September and overall prices should drop.


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Great to know about Prime Day. Thanks.

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