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The unhealthiest chain restaurant meals for 2022 receive Xtreme Eating Awards

I haven’t been eating out during the pandemic. However, since my daughter and her family are visiting from Spain, I said I would go out to eat if we could eat outside. What struck me during the few meals we’ve had at restaurants is that they continue to serve such large portions. Read more →

T-Mobile to pay $350 million to settle lawsuits over massive 2021 data breach

T-Mobile has entered into an agreement to settle a consolidated class action lawsuit on claims related to a 2021 cyberattack involving unauthorized access to the company’s systems, the company reported in a filing Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Read more →

Hyundai to pay more than $19 million for submitting false consumer payment information to credit bureaus

Hyundai Capital America is being fined for repeatedly providing inaccurate information to credit reporting companies and failing to address inaccurate information when it was identified between 2016 and 2020, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced Tuesday. Read more →

Consumer finance agency extends deadline for comments on how big bank are working for consumers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is launching an initiative to improve the customer service experience at big banks. The bureau wants to hear from consumers and businesses about their experiences dealing with customer service at their bank or credit union – both the good and the bad. Read more →

Stop using King Song electric unicycles due to fire risk, safety agency warns

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning consumers about the risk of battery fires with King Song electric unicycles. It urges consumers to stop using the unicycles with model number KS-16S immediately and dispose of them at a recycling facility or household hazardous waste collection point.  Read more →

Bloggers offer stories and tips from their everyday lives

One thing I’ve noticed about being an older adult is that you lose friends and relatives, and the older you get, the more often people your age pass away. Last week, my former husband died. At the left is our wedding photo. Divorced in 1986, we were married for 23 years and had two daughters. Read more →

Bank of America to pay $250 million in fines for ‘botched’ handling of jobless assistance

Bank of America will pay $250 million for botching the disbursement of state unemployment benefits at pandemic's height. The bank froze people’s accounts with a faulty fraud detection program, and then gave them little recourse when there was no fraud, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Thursday. Read more →