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Stop using King Song electric unicycles due to fire risk, safety agency warns

Unicycle King Song Fire HazardThe U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning consumers about the risk of battery fires with King Song electric unicycles. The commission urges consumers to stop using the unicycles with model number KS-16S immediately and dispose of them at a recycling facility or household hazardous waste collection point. 

The commission is aware of one fire associated with the electric unicycles that resulted in smoke inhalation injuries to two consumers and caused substantial property damage to a commercial building. It tested the unicycle and determined the battery pack can overheat and presents a risk of fire.

The electric unicycles are made by King Song Intell Co. of China and are imported and sold by EWheels of Miami Beach, Florida, and other firms. 

King Song and EWheels have refused to recall the unicycles.

King Song is printed on the unicycle’s pedals. The electric unicycles are white, silver, matte black, or black with a black tire. They have multi-colored lights that light up on the outside of the unit when in use.

The serial number of affected products begins with “KS16S.” The serial number is printed on a label on both pedals. The model number KS-16S has KS16S at the beginning of the serial number. 

The unicycles are currently being sold for between $1,200 and $1,350 online at and other retailers.

The commission urges consumers not to purchase or sell these electric unicycles due to the fire hazard.


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