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Watch out for forced arbitration clauses in the fine print of financial contracts and transactions

Most consumers don’t know they have “agreed” to give up their rights when they sign a contract that requires arbitration, and that banks or companies nearly always win because arbitration favors business interests, a study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or CFPB reports. Read more →

More than 30,000 residential elevators are being recalled after spinal injury to child

Residential Elevators Inc. is recalling about 31,000 home elevators. Young children can be trapped in the space between the exterior landing or hoistway door and the interior elevator car door or gate if there’s a hazardous gap. They can suffer serious injuries or death if caught in the gap when the elevator is called to another floor. Read more →

Dried fruit and fruit leathers have detectable levels of pesticides, testing shows

Pesticides were found at detectable levels in dozens of fruit leather strips and dried fruit samples, according to new EWG testing. These two fruit treats are among the most popular kids' snacks. The tests were conducted by an independent laboratory on 37 samples of organic and conventional fruit leather from 10 well-known brands. Read more →

CFPB tells nursing homes they can’t try to collect from relatives and friends

Caregivers can’t be pursued over friends or family members’ debts from nursing home facilities. A report by the CFPB gives examples of how this illegal debt collection affects consumers: A daughter: The nursing home sent my name to the collection agency as if this was a debt accumulated by me. Read more →

California attorney general sues Amazon for blocking price competition

Amazon stifles competition and causes increased prices across California through anticompetitive contracting practices, the state charged Wednesday. To avoid competing on prices with other online sites, Amazon requires merchants to sign agreements that penalize them if their products are offered for a lower price off-Amazon. Read more →

Did you enjoy the Emmy Awards Monday?

I don’t watch much television. Although I analyze the Academy Award nominated movies each year for violence and sexism, I think TV, generally, is a wasteland. I listen to National Public Radio during the day, then try to find something on cable TV to watch in the evening that isn’t too violent. Read more →

CPSC approves safety standard for small, high-powered magnets that have injured and killed kids

To reduce the risk of children and teens suffering serious, even life-threatening injuries from swallowing small, high-powered magnets, the CPSC voted Wednesday to approve a federal safety standard for magnets. When these magnets are swallowed, they can attract to each other through body tissue causing injuries. Read more →

Bloggers write about the past, present, and future

It’s difficult to figure out what to write about here. The death of Queen Elizabeth II? Or the death of my daughter-in-law’s father George Waegell? Or getting together with my high school friends and remembering those days so many years ago. Thankfully, my blogging friends helped solved my dilemma ... Read more →

Did you know EPA allows sellers to put pesticide in your packages?

Recently, I received a package with a sheet of plastic in it that said “Micro-Pak Enhanced PE Sheets.” Wondering what it was, I saved it. Micro-Pak Enhanced PE Sheets are intended to control, inhibit, and mitigate odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on products enclosed in packaging intended for shipment. Read more →

Let the FTC know about the tricks and traps you’ve experienced at auto dealers by Sept. 12

Have you ever paid for dealer “prep” or add-ons such as extended warranties, fabric protection, and VIN etching? Or, did you find out that the car in the ad costs much more when you get to the dealer? The Federal Trade Commission is working to address deceptive advertising and unlawful add-on sales in the auto industry. Read more →