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Watch out for forced arbitration clauses in the fine print of financial contracts and transactions
Watch out for scams if you want to donate to help people in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona

What to buy and not buy in October

Wedged between Labor Day and Black Friday sales, October isn’t the best month to find bargains, but do research and you could find noteworthy deals even for early holiday shopping.

I’ll be shopping for clothing where deals of up to 70 percent can be found.

Blouse Striped Blue Split Sleve IMG_1129

I was out doing yard work, when I looked down and saw a split in the sleeve of one of my favorite, but fading, blouses.

Blouse Striped Split Back IMG_1134

Then, I felt a breeze in the back. I also had a split in the back of my blouse.

In addition to bargains on summer clothing, including items for men, suggests looking for these deals, too:


Look for sales on home décor items and decorations.

New cars

Historically, October has been a great time to purchase a new car. It’s near the end of the year, when dealerships are often trying to clear out older inventory to make room for newer models, especially in time for the winter holidays. However, this may not be as true these days due to recent vehicle-inventory shortages.

Try buying a car at the end of the month or the beginning of the week. It’s also worth checking out the cars most likely to have deals before you start shopping. You also may be able to negotiate the price down for cars that are slow to sell.


Sales on grills often start around Labor Day, but there should be some in October, too.

Halloween gear

You should be able to find deals on costumes, candy, and other Halloween items.


Stock up on perennial plants. In October, many nurseries and home improvement stores try to clear out inventory of these items. Perennials don’t require replanting each year, making them lower maintenance. Look for bulbs now; you can plant them before temperatures drop and they'll bloom when winter is over.


October is a good month to keep an eye out for deals on jeans.

Camping gear

Your likely to find savings on all kinds of outdoor gear in October.

Another Amazon Prime Day – maybe

There have been rumors, but no announcement yet.

What not to buy in October

Wait until November to buy TVs, iPhone 14s, laptops, and electronics. Black Friday stills tends to have the most TV deals and is huge for electronic discounts.

For winter clothing, you’ll find some fall/winter items on sale around Black Friday, but if you want to add a lot to your winter wardrobe, you’re probably better waiting for sales in January and February.


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