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It’s Election Day: Be sure and vote
Best wishes on Veterans Day

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Money Two Hands Holding Money That's Being CountedI just wanted to write and let you know today about what's going on with my newsletter. I scour personal finance websites every week to find the best tips for people to use in their personal finance lives. I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on it. Recently, J. Money of Budgets Sexy took a look at my newsletter. He liked it so much he published an entire issue on his website. My readership really jumped, and, of course, I love getting more readers.

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1. Review your financial plans, especially your emergency fund and retirement plan, to make sure you’re on track in light of Tuesday’s election. It looks like there could be a divided Congress, which is likely to lead to fights over funding the government and the debt ceiling. In addition, there may be little chance for new stimulus bills getting passed between now and the 2024 election. Also, the possibility of a recession looms.
2. Look for deals at Veterans Day sales for mattresses, housewares, furniture, clothing, appliances, and food. If you’re a veteran or active-duty military, you can get freebies and savings as shown on this list. For information on the best mattresses, click here.
3. Check out these bargains from Aldi’s, Lidl’s, and BJ’s for your Thanksgiving turkey dinner. The BJ’s deal includes a free turkey if you spent $150 in one transaction. You need to pick up the turkey between November 12 and November 23, but the deal is only available while supplies last.

4. Make a holiday spending plan and stick to it by making a list of expenses, deciding on your spending limit, assigning money to each category, and tracking your purchases.
5. Take a look at this list of what isn’t always covered by homeowners insurance including floods, earthquakes, pet damage, termites, mold, and more.
6. Find out what happened when a real estate investor did a house flip because HGTV “made him do it.”
7. See this investigation of stain resistant shirts to see if it’s worth it to pay $50 to $220 to prevent coffee and Ketchup stains. Note: Although all of the shirts were free from PFOA and PFOS, none of the brands claimed they were free of all PFAS, water- and stain-resistant chemicals some of which have been shown to have harmful health effects in humans and animals.
8. Don’t waste money on stuff you don’t really need. Consumers’ Checkbook magazine offers a list of 65 things you (probably) shouldn’t pay for including bottled water, car leases, car repairs at the dealership, extended vehicle warranties, and debt relief and counseling services.
9. Get detailed information on winter boots to help you make the right choice on this expensive purchase.
10. Make a plan to protect your retirement from natural disasters.
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