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Top tips for last-minute holiday shopping


Just because you’re shopping late for the holidays doesn’t mean you should make a lot of costly mistakes. Take a deep breath, make a list, and proceed with confidence.

My top tips include:

  1. Ask for a gift receipt. In addition, keep your receipts also in case the gift receipt gets lost. Ask what the deadline is for returning items.
  1. Give a subscription. That way you can say the gift is in the mail.
  1. Buy stocking stuffers at the Dollar Store.
  1. Give an experience – a concert, special dinner out, or coupon for a picnic in the park in the spring.
  1. Re-gift an item that’s like new, but that you haven’t used because it isn’t right for you. However, be careful you don’t give the gift back to the person who gave it to you. That happened to me this year, but I didn’t mind. As older adults, we’re downsizing items such as vases and serving dishes.
  1. Give a class that your friend or family member would like.
  1. Order online from familiar websites if you don’t have to pay a big fee for shipping.
  1. Compare prices even if you’re rushed and look for coupons and sales.
  1. Order or make a gift basket. I made one for a friend once, and it turned out great. I even found some cellophane to wrap around it.
  1. Get a gift card if all else fails.

Happy holidays. Do stress reduction techniques and remember the holidays are about love, friendship, and getting joy.


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