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What to buy and not buy in January

DN-what-to-buy-in-January-infographicI spent quite a bit on having two Christmas celebrations with my daughters. Now that I’ve got a little cushion in my bank account again, what could I look for at January sales? I know it’s a great time for white goods, sheets and towels, but what other great deals may now be available.

Holiday décor, holiday leftovers, small kitchen appliances, fitness gear, gym memberships, beauty items, TVs, soft home goods, Valentine’s Day flowers, winter clothing, and laptops are likely to be on sale in January, according to DealNews. See the details below:

Holiday décor

Maybe. Lingering items such as items Christmas lights and decorations and boxes and bags to store Christmas items in are likely to see deep discounts.

Holiday leftovers

Holiday-themed items, such as sheets and beer steins, and toys – will probably be discounted.

Small kitchen appliances

Look for sales on items such as panini presses, nonstick electric skillets, electric egg cookers, hand mixers, and waffle makers.

Fitness gear

Look for bargains on toning ropes, yoga accessories, medicine balls, weights, pullup bars, weightlifting bars, portable guy kits, and exercise bikes.

Gym memberships

Compare prices on the different deals for guy memberships. Be sure to read the fine print so you don’t get tricked.

Beauty items

Gift sets from the holiday sales, lip and eyeliners, lip gloss, nail polish, hair dryers, and other beauty items are likely to be deeply discounted.


If you missed the Black Friday sales, when you can get the best deals, you may be able to find some good bargains in January.

Winter clothing

I always like to shop for a new winter coat in January. In addition to coats, look for sales on sweaters and fleece jackets for kids.


Compare prices for laptops. Although Black Friday and the back to school season are usually the best times to shop for laptops, January may also provide some great deals.  

Soft home goods

January is the month when white sales pop up at a number of retailers, including department stores. In addition to sheets and towels, look for sales on blankets and comforters.

What not to buy in January


Mattresses should see a lot of discounts during Presidents' Day sales, so it’s best to hold off until then if you’re in need of a new bed.

Major appliances

They’ll be discounted around Presidents' Day; wait until then if you can.


Jewelry will see some discounts around Valentine's Day in February, but note that you may have better luck finding deals on pieces that aren’t designed with the holiday in mind.

Snow gear

Items for winter sports are in high demand the first few months of the year, so you’ll likely find better discounts when the season begins to wind down in March.


March can be big for luggage deals, which could be related to people traveling for spring break vacations. Rock-bottom prices are likely.

Spring clothing

Don’t expect spring clothing prices to drop until April at the earliest.

Best wishes with your January bargain shopping. I hope these tips help.


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Laurie Stone

Shopping for winter clothes in January is a great idea! Everything is marked down and there's still lots of time to wear them.

Carol Ann Cassara

President's Day, it is, then, for washer dryer replacement!

Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

People are definitely thinking about fitness in January.


Yes, I need to get over to Macy's this week and shop for a new winter coat. The color selection isn't as good. In addition, I like long, wool coats. They all seem to be short coats now.

Corinne Rodrigues

I have seen some good discounts in January in India too.
This is a very useful article!

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