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As winter storms blow, bloggers write about exercise, meditation, books, poetry, and more

Snow in Olympia Cropped to Be HorizontalLast week, in the Seattle area, we had snow, unusual for Western Washington. Fortunately, the power didn’t go out so we got by with little trouble.

While I was dealing with weather issues, here’s what my blogger friends were writing about:

Exercise that isn’t agonizing

We know we need to exercise to stay healthy and well, but there’s no reason it should be torture. Rebecca Olkowski with explores fun ways for women over 50 to exercise that aren’t agonizing. 

How to make meditation work

Meditation is popular among people looking to improve their mental and physical well-being. However, according to Jennifer Koshak of Unfold and Begin, there’s growing evidence that meditation may not be as effective as people think. She explores this issue in her post, “Why Doesn't Meditation Work?”

A good dog

According to Laurie Stone of Laurie Stone Writes, when they handed out canine beauty, Simon stood in the wrong line. He has a German shepherd head, Corgi legs, Terrier fur, and Australian cattle dog body. Name any breed, it’s there. Yet, Simon became more than the sum of his parts. In fact, in his own way, he was perfect … with only one flaw.

The value of print books

When Meryl Baer of Beach Boomer Bulletin found herself housebound and bedbound, she sought entertainment other than TV and computer. An old-fashioned gal, she enjoys reading a print book. She found what she was looking for in a novel series she discusses in this week’s post, “Immersed in the French Countryside … in My Mind.”

Poetry and gratefulness

Diane Tolley hosts a Poetry corner on Mondays. This past week the theme was being humble. And that put Tolley of On the Border in a grateful mood.

Help your friends in business

Most people don’t realize they can help their friends in business without spending a single penny – just by making blog comment, a social media share, or even a “reaction” more than a like. Over at Carol Cassara’s blog, Carol A. Cassara Writer, she tells you all about it at “Easy Ways That Don’t Cost a Dime to Help Friends in Business.”

This is the Best of Boomer Blogs #804. Enjoy the articles and be sure to leave a comment. Our bloggers love to hear from readers.


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Thanks for sharing. Loved this batch of posts.

Ann Kelly
And many other things. Photography, volunteering, books.

Laurie Stone

Thanks, Rita. Great job!

Carol Cassara

What a pretty winter scene. Stay warm!


Thanks, blogging friends. See you next week.

Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

Thanks, Rita. Great job! We got a little snow in Los Angeles too.


A little snow in LA? That's incredible. The snow here is gone now, so, hopefully, the snow storms are done for the season. However, while you can never tell, it's often February when we get the big, troublesome snowstorms.

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