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Check out these helpful tips from my newsletter this week

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I’m approaching the 200th issue of my newsletter Helpful Money Tips for You. This week’s newsletter tips are especially valuable, so I’m posting a copy of the newsletter below.

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Rita R. Robison Newsletter

1. Look for deals in March on outdoor furniture and grills, winter clothing, activewear, running shoes, winter sports equipment, select airfare deals, and more.

2. Check out the best spring-cleaning deals on vacuums, lawn care tools, and more.

3. Don’t give up looking for bargains for spring break destinations. Some last-minute spring break deals can still be found for Mexico, Georgia, and France.

4. Don’t let passport renewal times trip you up because wait times are up again.

5. Shop around for smartphones, computers, TVs, and some other electronics because they’ve been getting cheaper while most other things Americans buy are getting more expensive.

6. Check out this information on how to get free IRS tax help and free tax filing options.

7. Don’t do a credit-card balance transfer if you’re addicted to debt, aren’t disciplined, in the market for another loan, or an unrepentant spendthrift.

8. Be aware that most companies outside the tech sector haven’t taken the step of cutting jobs despite a year of aggressive interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve aimed at taming inflation and signs that the red-hot labor market is cooling off.

9. Take a look at this study that reports consumers are prioritizing essential purchases while non-essential expenses, such as gym memberships and entertainment, are on the back burner for now. 

10. Be aware mortgage insurance premiums will go down for FHA borrowers, with the typical homeowner saving about $800 per year.

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March 2, 2023

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I always appreciate your financial tips, Rita! It was you who suggested I look for things off-season. It has served me well!


Hi Diane,

I'm glad you are finding the tips in my newsletter helpful. I get a lot of compliments on it.

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