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Facts and figures for Memorial Day 2023
Bloggers begin summer with shopping, making summer plans, travel, and other fun

Best wishes on Memorial Day

Frank Gilliam GraveWhether you’re remembering a loved one who passed away in their service to the country, going to a parade, visiting a cemetery, having or attending a barbecue, shopping, or working, I hope your Memorial Day is going well.

Many people also see the Memorial Day weekend as the beginning of summer and are enjoying outings and picnics.

I’m remembering my uncle Frank Gilliam who died in the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. I’ll be observing the National Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m. today.

I won’t be traveling over the Memorial Day weekend like 42.3 million Americans. With so much holiday traffic and covid still lingering, I’m happy to stay home today.

Although I'm not traveling, I’m glad that gas prices are down 11 percent this year with the national average at $3.60 per gallon.

Orlando, New York, and Las Vegas are the top destinations for travel for Memorial Day this year.

Drive safely if you're traveling by car this weekend because 51,300 is an estimate of the injuries that are going to occur from accidents. In addition, wear your seat belt and encourage others in your family to do so, too. About 178 lives could be saved this weekend by the wearing of seat belts.

I would like to buy a new stove and Memorial Day is a good time for bargains on appliances. However, it’s such a hassle to try to find one that will fit all my criteria – stainless steel, coils, and no self-cleaning oven – that I think I’ll wait until the Labor Day sales.

I may go over to REI before the end of the day. Their clothes and shoes are so expensive that I only shop there during a sale or if it offers a price reduction on the website.

So my best to you and your loved ones on Memorial Day. May you have peace and joy.


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