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Top 10 consumer complaints for 2022

It’s not surprising what last year’s top consumer complaint was. I’ve seen it many times as No. 1 on annual consumer complaint lists. It’s auto sales and repair. “Consumers rely on cars to get to work, school, doctors’ appointments and more,” said Erin Witte, director of consumer protection for the Consumer Federation of America. Read more →

Bloggers begin summer with shopping, making summer plans, travel, and other fun

On Memorial Day, I rushed over to REI to see what I could find at its “biggest sale of the year.” REI’s clothing, shoes, and other items are so expensive I only buy things when they’re on sale. I found a pair of sandals that I like, Keens, $97. Also the sleeping bag that I use when I travel is decades old. So I bought one on sale, $127. Read more →

Best wishes on Memorial Day

Whether you’re remembering a loved one who passed away in their service to the country, going to a parade, visiting a cemetery, having or attending a barbecue, shopping, or working, I hope your Memorial Day is going well. Many people also see the Memorial Day weekend as the beginning of summer and are enjoying outings and picnics. Read more →

Facts and figures for Memorial Day 2023

Memorial Day is a day to honor Americans who have died in service to their country. Many people attend a memorial day event, visit a cemetery where a loved one is buried, or spend time remembering a service member. In addition, for others, it’s the unofficial beginning of summer. So, it brings barbecues, picnics, swimming, and other outdoor activities. Read more →

Peloton and safety agency finally agree on repair for recalled Peloton treadmills

Remember when 125,000 Peloton Tread+ treadmills were recalled after the death of a child and dozens of incidents of children, pets, and objects being pulled under the rear roller? The CPSC and Peloton have finally agreed on a rear guard repair for the recalled Tread+ treadmill. It eliminates possible entrapment near the treadmill’s rear roller. Read more →

What happens when your doctor or vet’s office gets purchased by a private equity firm

On Saturday, I received a strange email. It said it was from Gastro Health and a new lab result had been entered into my patient portal from my Gastro Health provider. To access my lab results, I was to go to my patient portal. I thought it was a scam. I haven’t had a test done recently related to my digestive system. Read more →

Watch out for investment scam targeting WeChat groups

An “investment opportunity” extremely popular on the social media platform WeChat stole millions from the Chinese community in the United States. Social media posts urged people to “invest” in various household goods and electronics, promising returns of 20-40 percent in one to three months. But it was really a scam. Read more →

Highly processed food is also bad for your brain

Research has shown that eating packaged products – such as breakfast cereals, snack bars, frozen meals, and packaged sweets, along with other items – is linked to poor health outcomes, like an increased risk of diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Also, recent studies shown eating highly processed foods are linked to depression and anxiety. Read more →

How’s the customer service you’re getting these days?

I’m upset. I was due to have my teeth cleaned in January. Since I’ve been busy taking the Dean Ornish heart health program and working on my writing, I just called a couple of weeks ago to get an appointment. What did I learn? My dentist, Dr. Attila Talaber, was in Europe and the other staff were just in the office now and then. Read more →

Peloton is recalling more than 2 million exercise bikes due to defective seat issue

This huge recall is getting a lot of media attention and it surely is adding to Peloton’s financial problems as people head back to the gym after staying home during the covid-19 pandemic. The company is recalling about 2.2 million exercise bikes, Model No. PL01, because the bike’s seat post assembly can break during use, posing fall and injury hazards. Read more →