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Be careful with fireworks this July Fourth to avoid injury and even death

Your July Fourth celebration could be ruined with a serious injury and trip to the emergency room. Fireworks related injuries continue to be high, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging consumers to either watch community fireworks displays or take steps to use consumer-grade fireworks safely. Read more →

What to buy and not buy in July 2023

It’s hard to believe that the July Fourth sales are coming up. It seems like the Memorial Day sales were just yesterday. July Fourth is a huge shopping holiday in the United States and marks the middle of summer. Look for the sales to begin far in advance of July Fourth. offers these tips for the July sales: Read more →

How to pick out a pineapple

Years ago before the pandemic, I used to take sliced pineapple to parties for an appetizer. I remember taking overripe pineapples back to Costco and returning them to Safeway as well. It seemed like the quality varied widely with the pineapples often being too ripe and even rotten. When I had a tea party Friday, I decided I’d get a pineapple. Read more →

The quest to find some edible celery

Have you been able to purchase any decent celery lately? Although celery isn’t one of my favorite vegetables, and it’s not one of the more nutrient-packed ones, I do like to eat it once in a while. In addition, I’ve just started drinking smoothies and celery is a good thing to add occasionally along with fruits and spinach or kale. Read more →

Giant Amazon charged with tricking consumers to sign up for Prime, then making it difficult for them to cancel

Most people rely heavily on online shopping. However, with lots of screens before you get to check-out, you could sign up for a service without knowing it. Then, it can be difficult to cancel. For years, enrolled consumers into its Prime program without their consent while making it hard for them to cancel, the FTC charged. Read more →

Ashley Furniture recalls more than 263,000 loveseats, sofas, and recliners due to fire risk

Another consumer product with LED lighting is being recalled. Ashley Furniture Industries is recalling about 253,000 power loveseats, sofas, and recliners in the United States and another 9,450 in Canada. The power loveseats, sofas, and recliners’ cupholder with LED lighting can overheat, posing a fire risk. Read more →

AIG is third major insurer to stop selling homeowners insurance in vulnerable areas

American International Group is planning to curb homeowners insurance sales for owners at high risk of floods, storms, or wildfires in 200 zip codes across the United States, according to a report in the Wall St Journal. AIG is the third major insurer in recently to announce cuts to homeowners insurance.  Read more →

Happy Father’s Day

How is your Father’s Day going? Seventy-five percent of Americans are celebrating Father’s Day today. They’re spending a record $22.9 billion, according to a survey conducted for National Retail Federation. Consumers are spending $196.23 on average, up from $171.79 last year and topping the previous record of $174.10 in 2021. Read more →

How to keep your sensitive DNA information private

Genetic testing, where a company examines your DNA, often from a saliva sample, and sends you a report about your family background or your likelihood for developing certain health conditions, is all the rage. It sounds like a great idea, but can you trust a company when it promises to keep your sensitive DNA data private? Read more →

Private equity firms taking over health care businesses are increasing safety lapses and costs, report says

Either I missed the Public Citizen report on the toll private equity is taking on U.S. health care or I didn’t understand its significance. The report, released in March, says private equity takeovers have come with shocking lapses in safety, with prices rising faster than at non-private equity entities, while patients have been subjected to price gouging. Read more →