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Be careful with fireworks this July Fourth to avoid injury and even death
My thoughts on democracy in our country on its 248th birthday

Facts and figures for July Fourth 2023

Pinwheel-Child Blowing July Fourth g625cacfa9_640The Fourth of July is all about red, white, and blue to celebrate the country’s birthday, the 248th this year.

What are some ways Americans celebrate the holiday?

Many families host or join a family or neighborhood event. Some examples include: picnicking or barbecuing with family and/or friends or enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming, dancing, playing sports games, or camping.

Participating in or watching patriotic parades or doing patriotic crafts with kids are also popular.

Celebratory events organized by communities occur throughout the nation and include food trucks, carnival rides, concert or live music, games, and public fireworks shows.

For facts and figures on July Fourth, see the infographic below:

2023 4th of july by the numbers v7


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Laurie Stone

Fascinating statistics. Can't believe how much we eat and drink in this country!


And, what we eat is largely so unhealthy. Salt, fat, and sugar is addictive. Manufacturers and retailers study this and make food we find difficult to resist.


Wow! This certainly puts the celebrations into proper perspective!


For some reason, my readers like facts and figures about holidays. It certainly is interesting.

Rebecca Olkowski

It was a war zone where I live. Illegal fireworks everywhere including in our cul de sac. We had a nice little party, though.


Yes, and every year, I and many others write about the dangers of fireworks. Yet, again, there were serious injuries. A woman died and nine other people suffered injuries after fireworks exploded at a Michigan home. A man in Kentucky was killed trying to light a commercial-grade firework with a homemade mortar tube. These incidents are among nearly a half-dozen reported firework-related fatalities police and fire officials said have taken place across the nation during this year's Fourth of July festivities.


We moved into a new apartment in May and I can say it’s the first time we haven’t suffered through unwanted amateur firework displays that kept us awake and threatened roofs.


I just read about the injuries and deaths this year from fireworks -- again. It's astounding.

I'm glad your new neighborhood has less noise and threats from people using fireworks.

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