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What to buy and not buy in August 2023

School-bus-4406479_1280As summer is winding down, you’d think back to school sales would be the best bet for deals. However, it also brings free cookies, tax free shopping, deals on garden tools, and more.

Here’s what suggests as the best bargains to look for in August.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day deals

It’s Aug. 4, so look for free cookies and great deals.

Back to school supplies

These yearly sales are now underway. In addition to deals on color crayons, notebooks, and folders, look for price reductions on backpacks, lunch boxes, clothing, and tech items as well.

Tax free items

Some states host tax free holidays every summer, with most taking place over a weekend. These events offer opportunities to buy items such as clothing and school supplies without having to pay sales tax. Spending limits are typical on eligible items. For example, some states offer tax free purchases on clothing as long as each item is under $100. The exemptions vary state by state, so check out what kind of event yours is offering.

Summer clothing

As August signals the summer is coming to an end, expect to find an abundance of great savings on summer clothing, especially on casual clothes.


Laptops are a big back to school sale item. You’ll find great prices on laptops for every budget especially with parents beginning their shopping earlier.

Patio furniture

Compare prices on patio furniture because the discounts are beginning.

Garden tools

Look for lawn and garden hoses to be as little as $10, and for 360-degree sprinklers to go for the same. Keep an eye out for great deals on outdoor power garden tools, as well.


Have a kid headed to college? It’s a good time to find deals on suitcases for a lot of their stuff. Look for luggage discounts of 50 percent.

Air conditioners

Expect portable air conditioners or personal air coolers to be super affordable. Look for window units that are on sale, as well.

Early Labor Day sales

Early Labor Day sales will likely start popping up around mid-August. In the past, the first Labor Day sales have kicked off about two-and-a-half weeks before the holiday.

Expect the big items in these sales to be clothing, major appliances, and mattresses, plus grills and patio furniture should feature prominently, as well. Watch for home decor items to see discounts as large as 80 percent off, mattresses to be up to 50 percent or 70 percent off, and major appliances to be up to 35 percent off.

Things not to buy in August

Wait until September to buy major appliances and mattresses. For the latest iPhones, Black Friday will have the best discounts.

Don’t expect deals on fall clothing until November.

For big-brand Android phones, Black Friday is also likely the best bet.

Black Friday also has some of the best deals of the year when it comes to TVs and other electronics. If you want a new set, it’s best to hold off until then.

Best wishes. May your deals be many.


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Carol Cassara

In the market for patio furniture and a washer dryer combo. Will wait on appliance but not for patio!


I always love your 'best buy' advice! Heading out to buy some new patio furniture!
Thanks for the tip!


It's always good to keep in mind the sales usually around holidays. But comparing prices throughout the year is important because sometimes you can find sales at other times and at other times items advertised as sales, may not be a deal. As a retail manager once told me: "Marked way up, marked way down."

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