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What’s been your experience ordering items advertised on Facebook?

Over the years, I’ve seen hundreds, maybe even thousands, of ads on Facebook. To me, it doesn’t seem like a very good place to be placing orders. You have no idea about the reputation of the companies.

Rita Robison Myrna Yuasa in Jackets

In the spring, I succumbed. I ordered a “jacket” for my sister for her birthday. I also ordered one for me. The ad said orders would be received promptly.

After I ordered one jacket, I was notified it came from Italy and was in customs. The second, identical jacket, I was informed, was coming from Ireland. Many more messages arrived about the jackets being in customs at various places.

When the jackets arrived about a month or more later, although they were colorful like the photo, they were a disappointment. Instead of a jacket, they were made out of blouse material.

Instead of learning a lesson, I ordered from Facebook again. This time the company was based in Hong Kong. Again, it went through customs many times.

What I ordered were picture frames that you can put kids’ art in. The frames are deep so you can keep adding new drawings from your young artists.

Frames for Kids Art 2023

The frames don’t have glass in them; it’s Plexiglass, a plastic.

Votes for Women Wall Display 2023

I’m in the process of framing my photos and hanging them throughout my house. I was going to put my kids and grandkids’ art in these. However, I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to give them to a friend who has a five year old who is making art all the time and who will probably be making it for years.

What’s your experience ordering from Facebook? Good or bad? Foreign companies like my orders that take a long time to receive? Shoddy merchandise that you can’t return? Let me know in the comments below.


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Arlene whitehouse

I will no longer order on Facebook . They do not vet their sellers. I have been taken3 times. This year I ordered a sewing table instead they bait and switched I got a compact .could never an answer from the company . It disappeared.The next item was advertised as from QVC it was not it was a pair of rocking chairs bait and switch again they sent me a piece of cloth.This time I paid with my credit card so I filed with my card and they investigated and refunded my money. I don’t trust Facebook recently I saw the chairs again on Facebook marketplace. I notified them both times and never got a response.


Thanks for letting us know, Arlene. Ordering from Facebook seems to be problematic for many people

Rebecca Olkowski

I've had some really bad experiences ordering from Facebook and Instagram. Once I ordered a beautiful dress and received a butt ugly puke green sweatshirt. I'd rather order from U.S. companies on Amazon or a store I am familiar with.

Carol Cassara

All FB does is take their money, there is no evaluation of scamsters. So nope. Do not buy off FB.


Thanks Rebecca and Carol for your comments. I wonder why Facebook doesn't do a better job of monitoring its advertising. People aren't going to order again after such bad experiences.

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