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Best and worst things to buy in October

Halloween-Pumpkins in Dark 2809485_640October isn’t one of the best months for sales, but it does has plenty to offer as far as deals go. Black Friday has started to stretch into the middle of the month instead of just happening in November. And, October is also well-known for Halloween sales.

For the best things to buy in October, offers these suggestions:

Amazon’s Prime event

Amazon has already announced a second Prime Day event for 2023, happening sometime in October. It’s likely to begin at 3 a.m. ET on the day it starts and run for 48 hours. While it’s possible to get discounts of up to 80 percent on television sets and other items, be sure to compare prices to make sure you’re getting a deal.

Fall sales

Look for deals on a variety of items such as home items, tools, and clothing.


Grills are popular during the fall, especially for those who enjoy tailgating. Sales for grills come up around Labor Day, but you’ll find some in October, as well.

Halloween items

You’ll find deals on Halloween costumes, candy, and everything in between. Watch for decorations to be as little as $6, while LED masks could go for around $7, and select graphic tees could hit lows of $8.

In addition, look for 9.8-ounce bags Halloween-themed candy to be as little as $4, while varieties of Hershey’s bagged candy could be $5, and 100-packs of chocolate alternatives such as Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish could go for $8.

Whether you’re shopping for Candy for yourself or to hand out on Oct. 31, you’re better off waiting until later in the month for the best deals.


If you enjoy gardening, get ready to stock up on perennial plants. In October, many nurseries and home improvement stores try to clear out inventory of these items. That gives you a good excuse to overhaul your home’s landscaping. Perennials don’t need replanting each year, making them fairly low maintenance. If you want spring flowers, look for bulbs now. You can plant them before temperatures drop and they’ll bloom in the spring.


If you need new jeans this fall, October is a good month to keep an eye out for sales.

Camping gear

October tends to be a good time to find savings on all kinds of outdoor equipment.

Look for deals on outdoor knives, pocket knives, tents, lanterns, and camping chairs. Check sales at REI, Marmot, and Amazon.

Items to consider buying in October

Patio furniture

Retailers will be trying to clear out their remaining inventory of patio furniture in October. Look also for deals on patio heaters and outdoor blankets.

New cars

It depends on what kind of vehicle you’re shopping for. This time of year, dealerships start getting vehicles for the upcoming year and try to sell off older models. Cars slow to sell might go for less.

Lawn mowers

If you need a new lawn mower, it’s a good time to shop.

Snow tools

Look for deals on snow blowers and ice scrapers.

Major appliances

There may be decent saving on some large appliances in October. Compare prices.

Six things not to buy in October

November will have better deals on TVs, iPhone 15 devices, laptops, electronics, and winter clothing.

For gift cards, deals will be better in December.

Best wishes finding a deal in October. Remember always to compare prices.


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