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Facts and figures for Labor Day 2023
Best wishes on Labor Day

Bloggers look at the past and to the future as summer comes to an end

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on organizing my historical family photos. About 10 years ago, I had around 200 photos scanned. I named and dated about a third of them. The rest are numbered.

I paused the project until I could buy a good scanner so I could scan the rest of the photos myself. Now that I have one, I need to name and date the photos I had scanned earlier and scan probably several hundred more.

The next step is making a family record. Should we use MyHeritage? Archives? Or, should we use FamilySearch, a free site owned and funded by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

1900_Summer_Frances Backhouse_0001_a copy

Here’s my great grandmother Frances Backhouse Slingsby in about 1900.

Laura Slingsby Mable and Lois Taylor 1927

This photo is my great grandmother Almena Powers Hogaboam Baylee with my grandmother, aunt, and cousin in 1927.

Meanwhile, my blogging friends are busy thinking about the past and future:

How to prepare for aging

We’re aging, but how? And as important, where? This week on her blog, Carol Cassara of Carol A. Cassara Writer addresses some of those timely issues for all baby boomers in “How to Prepare for Aging in Place.”

Ways older women can achieve success

Do you feel like it’s too late to accomplish some of the goals and dreams you never got around to yet? The concept of success is different for everyone. Rebecca Olkowski with offers “13 Ways Women Can Achieve Success After 50.

How to use a vision board

September takes us out of the lazy days of summer and reminds us that we still have work to do and goals to meet before the end of the year. Jennifer Koshak of Unfold and Begin reminds us that if you have a vision board that’s not supporting your goals, then it’s time to learn how to unlock the secret behind vision boards.

A memory from the past

The other day, Laurie Stone of Laurie Stone Writes was at her mailbox when she heard the familiar low rumble of a school bus. She stood watching it drive past. A young female driver sat behind the wheel, map in hand, learning her route. Stone waved and the driver waved back, giving a bright smile. The sight reminded Laurie of a day her freshman year of high school when her school bus lost its brakes on a steep hill.

A summer adventure

Diane Tolly of On the Border has been exploring her mother’s journals this week. And she came across her family’s adventures living in a quonset for the summer. A quonset is a metal shelter with a curved roof. Diane remembers the experience clearly. But here it is in her mother’s words…

This is the Best of Boomer Blogs #828. Be sure to take a look at the articles and leave a comment. Our bloggers love to hear from readers.


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Carol Cassara

This is so timely for our age group, Rita.


Thanks for sharing.

Laurie Stone

Thank you, Rita!


Yes, getting our photos in order and completing the family trees are important for our age group.


Family History absorbs me completely. I use Family Search. I love it!
These pictures are more than amazing, Rita!

I guess my email didn't make it to you?

Rebecca Olkowski

I enjoy looking into my family history as well, Rita. I love your photos.


I'm glad that I picked up organizing my family photos again. I started about five years ago, then I got busy with other projects, including blogging.

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