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October 2023

Happy Halloween

Are you celebrating Halloween this year? More than 70 percent of Americans are going about it today and estimates are they’ll be spending an average of $108 per person. About a third will be hosting or attending a party, nearly half will carve a pumpkin, and more than half will be decorating their homes. Fifty percent plan to dress in costumes. Read more →

Facts and figures for Halloween 2023

It’s that time of year again. It’s getting colder and darker, the leaves are falling, and on Halloween, the ghosts and goblins will be coming out. With 73 percent of Americans planning to celebrate Halloween this year and the average person expected to spend $108, Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in the U.S. To save money, avoid buying new, single-use costumes. Read more →

Watch out for buy now, pay later deals

Most consumers don’t know what they’re getting into when they sign up for “buy now, pay later” arrangements. “BNPL lenders are making it easier for borrowers to use high-cost loans for everyday purchases,” said Peter Smith of the Center for Responsible Lending. “At the same time, they are trying mightily to hide the true costs and risks of these loans.” Read more →

Happy World Lemur Day

Little did I know when I wrote about International Wombat Day a few days ago, that I’d be writing about World Lemur Day today. I wrote about wombats because I read about the special day on Facebook and thought, since I had a great photo of my niece and her son with a wombat in Western Australia, I’d write about International Wombat Day. Read more →

Don’t fall for precious metal schemes targeting seniors

Do research if you’re considering buying silver coins. Precious metals dealer Safeguard Metals LLC and Jeffrey Ikahn have settled a lawsuit that alleged they engaged in a $68 million fraudulent scheme that targeted the seniors. Between October 2017 and July 2021, Safeguard and Ikahn deceived more than 450 customers nationwide. Read more →

Did you miss International Wombat Day Sunday?

Lately, I’ve been busy, so when I saw an item on Facebook Sunday that it was International Wombat Day, it didn’t dawn on me until Monday to post a great photo of my niece and her son with a wombat. The photo was taken at the Caversham Wildlife Park in Western Australia. I lived in Sydney from 1965 to 1967 and wanted to visit the amazing county again. Read more →

October gives a few niceties before winter weather grabs us

In the Seattle area, we’ve had a few nice days among the rainy ones. I’ve had some more time to work on getting my yard ready for winter, along with assistance from my yard work helpers. One fun thing that happens in October is my daughter Mona’s birthday. What a wonderful day when she was born. Such a beautiful baby, who so quickly became a wonderful woman. Read more →

More than 60,000 gun safes are being recalled following dozens of breaches, including one report of a boy’s death

Fortress is recalling about 61,000 gun safes because the locks, opened with a fingerprint, can be accessed by unauthorized users. One of the reported breaches allegedly left a 12-year-old boy dead. Consumers think they’ve programmed the lock when it actually remains in the default to open mode, which can allow unauthorized users to access the safe. Read more →

Don’t buy custom window coverings if you have kids or grandkids in the home

After years of delays and despite intense lobbying by manufacturers, a federal safety agency finally adopted a window covering rule that eliminated the dangers from cords on custom window coverings in November 2022. However, almost immediately after the CPSC finalized the rule, manufacturers filed a lawsuit challenging the agency’s rule. Read more →

Be wary of for-profit colleges that hide the truth about their results

It’s heartbreaking. I’ve seen young people sign up for for-profit colleges and they use their laptops to complete the courses. They expect great things from the programs they choose. However, the results are usually poor, despite what the advertising says. Most colleges will give you a valuable education that can help you achieve your career goals. Read more →