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Tips for shopping on Cyber Monday

Remember to keep comparing prices and other Black Friday tips

Black-friday-Sign on Laptop 4645768_640In recent years, Black Friday sales have changed. They’re starting earlier and many are now online. That means fewer people are crowding to the malls. However, some people still love the rush and the doorbusters.

In my weekly newsletter, sign up here,, I’ve been saying for weeks to compare prices when you shop for Black Friday deals. Remember, “marked way up and marked way down” doesn’t lead to savings. I learned that from Gordon Miller, who was general merchandise manager for JCPenney in Fairbanks, Alaska. Gordon went to Chelan schools for many years when I was a student there, too.

Here are other Black Friday shopping tips:

Shop online. You’re more likely to find deals there.

Don’t overspend. Decide on a spending limit and don’t spend more. Black Friday is widely hyped to get you excited so you’ll spend and spend. Make a list of what you’re looking for so you don’t fall for a good deal on a product you actually don’t want or need. Do research before you shop on to make sure the product fits your needs.

Ask for details. Find out if the store will price match and what the return policy is. In addition, write down the time limit for returns. Two weeks can slip by really fast.

Don’t buy impulse mediocre products. For example, don’t buy an off brand TV. They can be offered for doorbusters and they could be a lower-quality purchase you’ll regret.

Use coupons, if you can. Getting 20 percent or more off is always good.

Use your credit card. If you use your credit card and you’ve made a big mistake, your credit card company can sometimes help you. Not true with your debit card. With your debit card, the money is gone.

Beware of scams. They’re out there by the thousands and some are targeting Black Friday shoppers. Among the biggest scams this year, which includes many old favorites, are non-delivery scams, gift card scams, fake charity scams, fake order scam, fake website scam, fake delivery scam, and account verification scam.

Make a plan if you’re shopping in stores. Go first to the stores that have the hottest season items, if those are on your list. By going to the company’s website, you may be able to see whether the items are available.

Now that my article is done, I’m going to compare prices for a new kitchen stove. I’ve been researching them for the last year, so maybe I can get some money off.

Last year, I got a couple hundred dollars off my new Apple desktop at a Black Friday sale. I really like it. Now, photos from my new iPhone go right onto my computer. I don’t have to manually transfer them like I did when I had an Android phone and an Apple desktop. Yay for modern technology.


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