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What to buy and not buy in January 2024
Top 10 articles on my blog for 2023

Money tips for 2024

Money usd-6264236_640Every week, I write and send out my newsletter Helpful Money Tips for You. This week’s newsletter has a number of financial tips that will be valuable to to you and your family during 2024. See it below. I’m getting a lot of compliments on the newsletter. People like it because it’s brief and has information from a variety of sources that they can put to use right away. If you’d like to sign up for the newsletter you can do so at It’s a great, free resource.

Rita R. Robison Newsletter
1. Look for deals on gym memberships, fitness equipment, winter clothing, TVs, laptops, holiday items, small kitchen appliances, beauty items, white goods, and more at January sales.
2. Use this checklist to help you achieve your financial goals for 2024 such as pay off holiday shopping debt, ask your boss for a raise and actually get it, start your taxes well before Tax Day, and figure out what’s going on with your student loans.
3. Check out these eight financial resolutions that have the potential to change your life including take a spending fast, consistently spend less than you make, calculate your savings rate then bump it up, and resolve to care for your future self.
4. Double check to make sure you get your holiday gifts returned in time. Although some stores extend their return timeframes for the holidays, some don’t.
5. Don’t be shocked if prescription drug prices go up this month because Big pharma is set to raise prices on more than 500 drugs in January.
6. Check out this list of the top 10 scams of 2023 to avoid problems in 2024. The list is topped by financial, investment, romance, online shopping, and student loan scams.
7. Save money with these 10 energy-efficient moves you can do in a weekend such as replace your showerheads, install a programmable thermostat, drain sediment from your water heater, and replace your washing machine hoses.

8. Check out these tips on how to budget for your dream trip this year.
9. Take a look at what Clark Howard, financial writer, has to say about whether term life or whole life insurance is the best choice.
10. Review these five things to consider before you retire such as the value of good financial advice, start saving even if the amount is small, and the importance of having your affairs in order at all ages.
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January 4, 2024

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Rebecca Olkowski

I was so glad to get a free gym membership from Medicare for Silver Sneakers. Always great tips.

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