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Best wishes on Easter Sunday

Easter Dinner 2024 IMG_5842Planning ahead, I decided to try to see what I could find that was new for an Easter lunch that with fit in my new, low-fat Dean Ornish meal plan.

I found Chicken-less Mandarin Orange Morsels, mashed potatoes, and green beans at Trader Joe’s. At Safeway at the end of a long shopping trip, I found some hot cross buns. My mom was a great cook and a fantastic baker. However, I don’t think she ever made hot cross buns. She may not have liked the raisins and candied fruit often included in them.

The lunch was tasty and all but the hot cross buns were within the Ornish guidelines.

Spring is such a joyous time. I love the warmer weather and the daffodils springing up in my yard.

It’s my turn to host my blogger friends, and, as spring emerges, here’s what they’re up:

Side hustles

Many people of retirement age can’t retire officially because they don’t have large Social Security checks or pensions. Rebecca Olkowski with has a list of 21 side jobs that are fun, creative, and work well for seniors. 


Meryl Baer of Musings of a Musings of a Shore Life loves live theater, but doesn’t get to enjoy the experience as often as she’d like. But this week Baer saw a production of a Broadway show – not on Broadway – accompanied by her granddaughters. She writes about the musical in this week’s post.

Comfort zones

You know the feeling, says Laurie Stone of Laurie Stone Writes, and you get comfortable in life until something pulls you out of your routine. You’re forced to stop, watch, and listen. This happened on a Good Friday when Stone’s 22-year-old son Paul ended up in the emergency room.

End-of-life decisions

By now, most in our age group have lost friends around our age and if we’re smart, we’re making realistic plans about our own next steps. This week on her blog, Carol Cassara of Carol A. Cassara Writer tells us where her thoughts are on plans for aging comfortably.

This is the Best of Boomer Blogs 855. Please take a look and the articles and leave a comment, too. Our bloggers love to hear from readers.


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Carol Cassara

The meal looks great, Rita!

Laurie Stone

Nice job, Rita! All fun posts.


Yes, great articles this week.

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