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Best wishes on Easter Sunday

Planning ahead, I decided to try to see what I could find that was new for an Easter lunch that with fit in my new, low-fat Dean Ornish meal plan. I found Chicken-less Mandarin Orange Morsels, mashed potatoes, and green beans at Trader Joe’s. At Safeway at the end of a long shopping trip, I found some hot cross buns. Read more →

Is your home poison safe?

One of the most tragic things I learned in my journalism career is about a child whose esophagus was destroyed when they swallowed lye that was being used to make soap. So every year, I write about National Poison Prevention Week, which is the third full week in March. More than 2 million poisonings are reported each year to the nation’s poison control centers. Read more →

Deadline for many student borrowers to get loan forgiveness is coming up soon

The Biden administration is offering a temporary initiative for student loan borrowers hoping to get loan forgiveness. The deadline is April 30. Here are details from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: To get the most credit toward loan cancelation, borrowers with the federally managed loans listed below will need to consolidate them: Read more →

Watch out for video doorbells sold on Amazon that have serious security problems, Consumer Reports says

Video doorbells sold on digital marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Temu, Sears, and Shein may have flaws, said Consumer Reports. As part of routine testing, it examined Eken and Tuck video doorbells that looked like the same product under different brand names. A deeper look by testing organization’s researchers revealed security vulnerabilities. Read more →

Secret ingredients are hiding in food under vague terms such as ‘artificial flavor,’ ‘natural flavor,’ and ‘spices,’ report says

While almost all ingredients used in food need to be disclosed, federal regulations allow manufacturers to hide some ingredients behind the vague terms such as “artificial flavor,” “natural flavor,” or “spices.” Problems arise when companies obscure ingredients behind these terms, according to a report released Thursday by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Read more →

Best Buy recalls more than 287,000 Insignia air fryers due to possible injuries from overheating

Best Buy is recalling more than 287,000 Insignia air fryers and air fryer ovens due to reports of the units overheating. When overheating, the air fryers handles can melt or break posing fire and burn hazards. In addition, if the air fryer ovens overheat, the glass on the door can shatter, posing fire, burn, and laceration hazards. Read more →

EPA finalizes ban on the remaining uses of asbestos and the importation of the toxin

On Monday, the EPA announced a final rule to ban use of the only known form of asbestos imported into the U.S. – an action to shield consumers from the toxic substance that kills nearly 40,000 Americans every year. It’s the first substance that the EPA has successfully banned using new authority Congress gave the agency in 2016. Read more →

Realtors’ group agrees to pay $418 million to settle lawsuits on high commissions

Homeowners could pay less to sell their homes after a realtors’ group agreed to cut commissions to settle lawsuits filed against it. On Friday, the National Association of Realtors agreed to pay $418 million in damages and to eliminate its rules on commissions. The $418 million agreement will make it easier for home buyers to negotiate fees with their own agents. Read more →

Don’t let scammers spoil your spring vacation

Winter is beginning to fade, and if you’re like me, you’re longing for spring and warm weather. When you’re planning a trip – whether it’s a spring break jaunt or another trip – you may be tempted to sign up an offer that looks like great deal. Unfortunately, scammers sometimes hide behind those offers. All they want is to steal your money. Read more →